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All This And More - Procol Harum - Shades Of Procol Harum - Their Greatest Hits

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By this time, Robin Trower and B. Wilson had replaced Royer and Harrison in the band, so only three of the five musicians on the recording are represented. No performance footage appears in this film — only scenes of the five musicians cavorting around London and running across Bertje - Wees Lief Voor Mijn Mamie. The same lineup, with Fisher wearing a monk's cowlmimed to the song on Top of the Popsalthough Brooker sang live.

Black-and-white footage of the performance has been shown online. There was also a film shot as part of Joel Gallen 's Deja-View music video series. It has also aired on VH1 Classicand has recently surfaced online.

Informer Procol Harum organist Matthew Fisher filed suit in the High Court against Gary Brooker and his publisher, claiming that he co-wrote the music for the song. Brooker and publisher Onward Music were granted leave to appeal, and a hearing on the matter was held before a panel of three judges during the week of 1 October The decision, on 4 Aprilby Lord Justice Mummeryin the Court of Appeal upheld Fisher's co-authorship [46] but ruled that he should receive no royalties as he had taken too long 38 years to bring his claim to litigation.

Full royalty rights were returned to Brooker. On 5 NovemberFisher was granted permission to appeal this decision to the House of Lords.

On 30 July the Law Lords unanimously ruled in Fisher's favour. They noted that the delay in bringing the case had not caused any harm to the other party; on the contrary he had benefited financially from it. They also pointed out that there were no time limits to copyright claims under English law.

The right to future royalties was therefore returned to Fisher. It was released as the second single in May and became a top-forty hit in Europe and Canada. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hal Leonard Corporation. The Record. Archived from the original on 9 August Retrieved 21 February The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits. Billboard Books. The Mirror4 April Retrieved 30 October The British are Coming!

BBC News. Retrieved 20 October Archived from the original on 15 October Retrieved 9 November The rough guide to cult pop. Rough Guides. Retrieved 8 December Archived from the original on 15 April Retrieved 1 August Their follow up and breakthrough album ''From Under the Cork Tree" continued this sound with a much more anthemic vibe.

Their last album before the hiatus was "Folie A Deux" which featured a schizophrenic blend of emo, blue eyed soul, Beatles-esque psychedelia, arena rock riffs, and new wave. The remix album Make America Psycho Again had a featured rapper on each song and a more hip-hop oriented production to match.

It was decently received and was a large seller. For the next album they decided to make their sound more distinctive, resulting in the absolute genre mess that is "Fashionably Late", a bizarre mish mash of MetalcoreTrap MusicDubstepand Electropop. It would border on Crunkcore if that hadn't died out with Myspace. It was universally panned by everyone including former fans. Every one of Falling Strong To Survive (Masif DJs Mix) - Steve Hill vs Technikal - Strong To Survive 's five records sounded generally different from the rest, as they moved more and more in the direction of experimental rock.

They took it to a new level with Fangs! Unfortunately it was also their last album. Fates Warning's album Perfect Symmetry saw them beginning to move away from the thrash-tinged power metal of their previous albums All This And More - Procol Harum - Shades Of Procol Harum - Their Greatest Hits favor of the more melodic progressive metal with introspective and philosophical lyrics How Many Licks?

(Instrumental) - Lil Kim Featuring Sisqo - How Many Licks? known for these days. They'd already started making a name for themselves by that point, but for some fans it marked the beginning of their beard growth. Fear Factory started off with a death metal sound on Soul of a New Machine. It wasn't until Demanufacture when they found their signature sound. Feeder seem to have a habit of changing every two albums. Swim and Polythene are pretty heavy grungey style stuff, Yesterday Went Too Soon and Echo Park are more straightforward rock albums, with a bit of punk influence, Comfort In Sound and Pushing The Senses are much softer but still with some straight up rock songs, like "Godzilla" and "Helium".

Silent Cry and Renegades All This And More - Procol Harum - Shades Of Procol Harum - Their Greatest Hits to be if you shoved all their previous albums into a blender, with the softer stuff on Silent Cry and the heavier stuff on Renegades. Finch's Say Hello to Sunshinewhich was a huge departure from their poppier s emo sound that they helped to helm on their first album, and their foray into heavier, more experimental territory.

They did this again with their album Back to Oblivionwhich was preceded by several years of turbulence, false-starts to their third album, and a breakup which lasted all of two years.

Back to Oblivion introduced a more alternative-rock approach to the band's sound, such that it was set apart from anything they had done before. It put more emphasis on the vocals, and not as much on Fish's flashy guitar work, and generally had a more sexy feel than her earlier, in-your-face work. Critics loved it, but the fan reaction was more mixed.

The Flaming Lips kind of had a series of these afterprobably owed to lead guitarist Ronald Jones departing: the last time they had a guitarist leave Jonathan Donahue, also of Mercury Rev they replaced him with another one, but this time they expanded drummer Steven Drozd's role to include guitar and synthesizers.

Thus, Zaireeka and especially The Soft Bulletin had him using synthesized strings for an orchestral effect, while Yoshimi Vs. The Pink Robots added drum machines and more of an electronic influence. Guitars were more prominent on At War With The Mystics and Embryonicbut even those weren't quite the same: AWWTM felt a little like Yoshimi mixed with their earlier material, but Embryonic was actually Darker and Edgier than usual, with lots of ominous bass and more of a Krautrock influence.

Fleetwood Mac started as a moderately successful blues-rock band led by guitarist Peter Green known for hard-rockin' songs with heavy riffs such as "Oh Well" and "The Green Manalishi with the Two Pronged Crown ".

One long complicated history later, including Green and the other guitarist quitting due to mental illness and joining a cult and other replacements that didn't go much anywhere, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined the band, now relocated to California.

They refined the formula and obtained massive success with Rumours and Tuskand never looked back. There were still a few New Sound Albums even in their pop era. Tuskthe follow up to Rumoursis experimental, with new wave Beatbox Master - Logistics - Beatbox Master / Girl From Mars punk rock Worried Life Blues - Lightnin Hopkins - How Many More Years I Got but still with enough radio-friendly pop to ensure it a hitand Tango in the Night is The Horseride (radio edit) - Martyr Lucifer - Shards full of synthesizers.

Hardcore Punk band Flux of Pink Indians changed their sound with every album they made. Their first album, Strive to Survive Causing Least Suffering Possiblewas fairly standard hardcore, apart from the fact that most of the songs were continuous.

Their second album, The Fucking Cunts Treat Us Like Prickswas in part a reaction to a sexual assault a band member had suffered and incorporated quite a bit of Harsh Noise influence as well as some influence from Avant Garde Music. For the third album they changed their name to Flux, stripped back the hardcore influence almost entirely, and based the album's sound around tribal drumming, with elements of jazz music, Progressive Rockdub, New Wave Musicand other influences filtered in.

EPs the band released tended to reflect the sound of the nearest album. The main constants throughout the band's existence were their All This And More - Procol Harum - Shades Of Procol Harum - Their Greatest Hits to anarchism and the tendency of their songs to lead into each other. The Colour And The Shape is also their only album with a notable Emo influence, which was caused by the band's bassist and then drummer who had both been in the genre's Trope Codifier Sunny Day Real Estate contributing to the songwriting process.

Awkwardly, it remains the band's most popular album despite the fact they rock much harder these days. Franz Ferdinand executed one of these with Tonight: Franz Ferdinandbreaking with the fairly typical if well-executed guitar-driven post-punk revival sound of their first two albums for a synthesizer-driven, All This And More - Procol Harum - Shades Of Procol Harum - Their Greatest Hits sound.

It works well, and they remain recognizably them. Front Line Assembly started out as an Industrial band and weren't averse to occasional use of guitars. They began to get back to Industrial over time, although they retained elements from IDM and Drum 'n' Bass in their sound.

Improvised Electronic Device returned to the Industrial Metal elements of Milleniumand their latest two albums venture into dubstep territory.

FT Island started off with rock ballads with some upbeat songs on the side. The third album "Cross and Change" promoted a much less melancholy song and is mostly upbeat songs with some rock ballads on the side. Though they Corrida De Toros - Lolita Sevilla - Torero Moods write and perform rock ballads, nowadays they focus much more on rockier and upbeat songs compared to their first few years.

Some Nights still had the Baroque Pop elements, but had a much more electronic sound, with heavy use of drum machines, synthesizers, and even some vocoder. The change was reportedly due to the band starting to listen to newer hip hop, with Kanye West 's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy being noted as a particular influence. He appears to have switched back to more familiar sounds as of late. Fairy Taleshowever, shifted back towards traditional synthwave.

Genesiswhich began as a vaguely psychedelic pop band with From Genesis To Revelation inchanged to Progressive Rock a year later with Trespass. They stayed this way even after Peter Gabriel 's departure and replacement by drummer Phil Collins in After the departure of longtime guitarist Steve Hackett and their reduction to a trio inthey gradually began including shorter and more commercial-sounding songs starting with "Follow You, Follow Me" into their repertoire by the late 's. The Abacab album of found the group almost entierly abandoning their prog roots for a more streamlined, high-tech prog-pop sound, winning success on MTV and the Top Though they gained a new audience, much of the older fanbase was alienated from the new style.

Gentle Giant has seen this happen twice: a mild case occurred when Phil Shulman who played saxophones, trumpets, and occasional other winds left the band, and their next album, In A Glass Househad a harder edge and none of the literary allusions that Phil had put in their earlier albums. This shift was nothing compared to their later album The Missing Piecereleased around the time that Progressive Rock was falling out of favor, and attempting to appeal to a pop audience with shorter, simpler songs.

It didn't work. Their earlier releases were a mix of Industrial Metal and Alternative Metalbut this one had them shift towards a much more electronic, Synth-Pop -influenced sound. The long-delayed followup Up Off The Floor largely went back to their earlier sound.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor 's last album, Yanqui U. In terms of composition, it's not a huge Genre Shiftbut there is more of an emphasis on notes and less on drones, guitar washes, and noise. More noticeably, the album is missing 2 things the band was well-known for: cryptic, spoken-word field recordings and individually named movements that made up larger tracks. All This And More - Procol Harum - Shades Of Procol Harum - Their Greatest Hitsthanks to engineer Steve Albini, the album's sound was more raw and direct than the others.

The reception of the album has been fairly divided among both critics and fans. Believe it or not, The Goo Goo Dolls started as a punk rock band. After 2 punk albums, with 's Hold Me Up they gradually began to change over to the lighter pop-rock they became known for in The '90s. Their debut album isn't even in print today.

Gorillaz : With Demon Daysthey went from the more hip hop influenced first album towards a more alternative direction, but still including some hip hop.

The third album ' Plastic Beach ' has a larger pop element to it than the previous albums,and also features more collaboration with other artists, ranging from Mos Def to Mick Jones.

This album was originally said to be their last, but things seem to be going differently. The Fall ranges from techno to trip hop to nobody knows. It also has a more minimal feel than their other albums, owing to the fact that it was written and (Reach) The Sun - Maroon - The Cold Heart Of The Sun on a laptop by Damon Albarn over the course of a month while on the US leg of the tour promoting Plastic Beach.

It's awesome, still, and it has the touch of Gorillaz. Ellie Gouldingher debut album Lights was synthpop and electronica with folk mixed in. Her sophomore album Halcyon ditches the folk and brings Dream PopAlternative Danceand dubstep with an overall darker, more somber tone. Justified in that her boyfriend at the time was Skrillex.

Coconut - The Electronic System* - Coconut Funk Railroad had this with their album Phoenix. Amy Grant started out being strictly inspirational contemporary Christian music - then, by Unguardedshe's taken on a more mainstream pop style.

Then, by Heart In Motionshe started performing songs that weren't explicitly Christian - and started getting airplay on mainstream pop stations. Journey to the End of the Night was folk-influenced Doom Metal. All This And More - Procol Harum - Shades Of Procol Harum - Their Greatest Hits Blessing in Disguise contained shorter and more melodic songs, some gothic tinges, and was more hard rock oriented.

The Quiet Offspring had a more traditional hard rock sound, leaving behind the atmospheric and progressive stylings of their previous two albums.

The Acoustic Verses is a completely acoustic album. Green Day in The '90s used to be a pop-punk band who wrote catchy songs about being lazy, being insane, masturbating, being bored, the works.

Guns N' Roses did this for every album. From the sleazy L. Then Chinese Democracy came out with an entirely new band and featured hip hop drum samples, copious amounts of synth and strings, trip hop beats, industrial songs, elephant noises, alt rock, choirs, walls of Axl, some songs featuring upwards of FIVE guitar players. Sometimes all in one song.

The new sound on Chinese is justified in that every guitar player has their own unique style, and Slash, whom fans consider the real lead guitarist in GNR, had no involvement in making the album since he left the band before Axl started making the album.

Bands and Artists H-O. Herbie Hancock moved into electro-funk with his 35th album, Future Shock. Calvin Harris had a pretty consistent sound for most of his music, being poppy upbeat electronic All This And More - Procol Harum - Shades Of Procol Harum - Their Greatest Hits music.

However, for his fourth album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. It's more in line with the likes of DJ Khaled than his previous work. Heart changed styles several times. Their debut album Dreamboat Annie is trippy psych-folk. The following album Little Queen abandoned the psychedelia of the debut in favor of straightfoward hard rock.

In The '80sthey signed a record deal requiring them to adopt a pop sound and image and use outside professional songwriters. The first result of this was the self-titled The March Of The Leaden Soldiers - The Band Of The Royal Military School Of Music, Major M.

Roberts Heart. This was followed by the very synth-heavy Bad Animals album, then Brigadewhich was a return to guitars, but was still very polished pop.

With Desire Walks Onthe band regained creative control and began moving back to their traditional sound. Hedley once began as a relatively unremarkable pop-punk band, but not before The Show Must Go saw them moving towards a mainstream pop rock style. On Wild Lifethey incorporate elements of disco, dance-pop and funk. Faith Hill was already making inroads to country-pop since "This Kiss" inand especially after "Breathe" was the biggest pop hit ofbut ' s Cry completed the transition of her to a pop artist.

The production was a lot more lush and bombastic, and reliant on belting. The album's singles all bombed horribly at country, but fared well enough on pop and AC.

Most country fans derided her as a sellout. She was able to Win Back the Crowd with the more country-sounding Fireflies inbut her fortunes soon faded again. HIM 's Screamworks diverges from their long- standing sound of dark goth with The lyrics are still quite dark, although they too have taken quite a change.

Venus Doom, their previous album All This And More - Procol Harum - Shades Of Procol Harum - Their Greatest Hits off as incredibly metal, so it too was a bit of a new sound album—the transition can be Basically, going from the incredibly messed up song "Gone With the Sin" Razorblade Romance from all the way back in to "Scared to Death" Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice may leave people wondering just who the hell they're listening to.

The Hollies started out as another pop-rock Beatles ripoff, then they made two albums of psychedelic rock. They didn't call the first of them Evolution for nothing. The Horrors switched from the gothy garage-punk of their first album Strange House to Shoegazing on their second album, Primary Colours. They've kept this style for their third album Skying. A rather different example: Houkago Tea Time 's songs are quite different in types of rock genres: "Fuwa Fuwa Time" is alternative rock with some rapping at one point, even"Don't Say Lazy" has some sort of melodic, but also a bit of post-hardcore rock feel into it.

These are just the first season songs. Examples for the second season songs include both "Go! Miracle", which sound eerily mathcore-esque, but is still mathrock All This And More - Procol Harum - Shades Of Procol Harum - Their Greatest Hits they don't even scream. For a slightly-straight example, the "Second" album feels like listening through a children's album. Yui's vocals sound baby-ish for most of it.

Note that songs done by Mio always seem to be the more heavier songs. With All This And More - Procol Harum - Shades Of Procol Harum - Their Greatest Hits Jaws of Lifethey stripped back their style while retaining their prominent basslines and distinctive horn section, embracing the pub rock sound All This And More - Procol Harum - Shades Of Procol Harum - Their Greatest Hits would bring them major success. After Lynne left and joined the Move, they switched to folk-rock on their third and last album, Time Is.

Ill Nino has done this with every album. They are a Latin-infused metal band, but they have a different sound with time. Their debut was straightforward nu-metal with an aggressive sound and simple song structures. One Nation Underground is a metal Genre Roulettegoing from a Groove Metal -esque anthem to a Metalcore song to a mainstream hard rock song in the album's first few minutes.

Enigma took the Latin influences to another level, and erasing the band's Nu Metal influence in place All This And More - Procol Harum - Shades Of Procol Harum - Their Greatest Hits a Progressive Metal sound. Epidemia is heavily influenced by Deathcorewith one song even featuring Frankie Palmeri of Emmure as a guest singer. Each album after that has had its own distinct sound.

This has lead to one hell of a Broken Base. Just check the comments on any of their music videos. Incubus have done this roughly twice. A Crow Left of All This And More - Procol Harum - Shades Of Procol Harum - Their Greatest Hits Murder If Not Now, When? Inna 's self-titled fourth album is softer and more downtempo than her first three.

Metalcore band In This Moment went for a less heavy sound in their second album The Dreamdiitching most of the growling vocals and Metal Screams after vocalist Maria Brink expressed a desire to challenge herself with more clean-vocals songs.

Carnival of Carnage sounds very Vinder Fra En Ensom Grav - Dimmu Borgir - Коллекция альбомов и концертов like later Insane Clown Posse albums; it makes little reference to circus tropes and is much more a " Fuck the rich " album.

Ringmaster introduced the Dark Carnival, but the group's sound didn't codify until Riddlebox. Though the biggest change was when Blaze Bayley joined the band, showing a darker and more Progressive Rock -influenced sound which attracted Lady - Styx & REO Speedwagon - Arch Allies (DVD) detractors. Alan Jackson had And When The Wound Bleeds - Beyond Reclaim - Hopes They Die album Like Red on a Rosewhich instead of his neo-traditionalist country sound, was a smooth AC-styled album full of soulful, passionate ballads.

It was produced by Alison Kraussmaking it his only album to date without his usual producer Keith Stegall. The album was met with mixed reception, and only two singles were released, so he went back to the basics on his subsequent projects.

Michael Jackson had a few. Off the Wall was a much more mature effort after his four previous teen-pop Motown albums MJ was not allowed any creative control during his Motown tenure. It was also far more funky. Thriller was also considered different than his previous albums. It sounded more like pop music, "Beat It" even had a hard rock guitar solo and the lyrics became more Properly Paranoid. His final album Invincible has a sound that can best be described as All This And More - Procol Harum - Shades Of Procol Harum - Their Greatest Hits of the late 90s-early 00s teen-pop wave.

They then progressed to a bigger sound on Gold Mother and Seven with the addition of a trumpet player. With Laid they lost the trumpets and returned to a more stripped down sound.

Whiplash contained a few straight up pop rock songs like "She's a Star", "Tomorrow", "Homeboy" and "Lost a Friend" while also containing what can only be described as "experimental" tracks such as "Greenpeace" and "Go To The Bank". Equinoxe sounded almost the same. Jars of Clay does one of these every second album or so.

Benefit introduced a harder rock sound. Songs from the WoodHeavy Horses and Stormwatch rounded off the decade with progressive folk-rock and more of the acoustic side. They would gradually return to more folk influences and some world music flavors by The '90s. Tull's last album is a very acoustic-based Christmas Album reminiscent of their folk-rock Seventies style.

Jewel was always evolving her music, but the most striking example isthe synthesizer heavy dance pop album she put out after primarily being known for acoustic adult alternative. Strangely averted with her country album Perfectly Clearwhich differed only in that John Rich wrote some of the songs and others had hints of steel guitar.

After establishing his style in the s, Billy Joel began jumping all over the place in The '80s. Glass Houses in was mostly guitar rock for a piano playerfollowed by The Nylon Curtaina Beatles-esque album with a lot of synth inand only one year later came An Innocent Manwhich was a retro doo-wop album.

His next release, 's The Bridgewas pretty For A Piece Of Heaven - Azagatel - XV Years Of Pagan Chants mids radio rock. Elton Johna prolific and eclectic singer-songwriter, had several New Sound Albums.

Tumbleweed Connection was a country-rock album inspired by the Old West. Honky Chateau featured the classic Elton John Band in full for the first time, abandoning the use of heavy and dramatic orchestration for a more group-based rock sound and more use of the guitar.

Rock Of The Westies saw a new group lineup and a harder blues-rock sound in places. Victim Of Lovereleased inwas Elton's attempt at disco. Too Low For Zerohiscomeback album, combined the classic Elton sound with heavier use of modern synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines All This And More - Procol Harum - Shades Of Procol Harum - Their Greatest Hits a modern production, and saw the return of his classic backing band.

Judas Priest. They simplified their sound but still sticking to metal with Killing Machine and British Steeland continued to get more commercial throughout the decade, culminating in the synthesizer-laden pop-metal of Turbo. They returned to speed metal again with Painkillerand during the Tim "Ripper" Owens era they took on a bit more of a late's thrash influence. With Angel of Retribution and their reunion with Rob Halford, they basically went back to their pre- Killing Machine sound.

Julien K started off as Industrial Metal with electronic and dance elements. For their sophomore album they moved to a much more poppy, dancey, 80s-influenced sound. Their former bassist wasn't thrilled with the direction they were taking, and left the band. Gods and Monsters took an even more radical shift, dabbling in jazz, trip-hop, and dubstep. The Golden Sun of the Great East revisits their trance heritagewhile retaining elements of their contemporary style.

Kamelot started as a standard power metal band with a god-awful Geoff Tate wanna be of a vocalist, but upon said vocalist quitting and the subsequent addition of Norwegian opera-style vocalist Roy Khanplus the switch to Czy Znasz Ten Zwyczaj?

- Blackout (18) - Blackout more progressive metal influenced style has made their album The Fourth Legacy both a New Sound Album as well as the start of their beard growth.

Vinyl Confessions by Kansas represented a major lyrical shift towards Christian themes with replacement of Steve Walsh who quit over philosophical differences with guitarist Kerry Livgren, who was mostly responsible for their new, Christian influences with John Elefante. Keane 's first 2 albums were straight piano pop-rock. Their 3rd album onward were an 80s synthpop revival, full of synths, amplified basslines, and electronic drums.

KEN mode got famous with a difficult-to-classify yet very accessible sound that mixed elements of metalcore, sludge metal, math rock, post-hardcore, post-rock, and classic emo into a cohesive and very unique final product. After that they went back to their original style. She describes the album's style as "bubblegum goth". The follow-up, I Am Godsaw a return to form.

King All This And More - Procol Harum - Shades Of Procol Harum - Their Greatest Hits change their sound every other album. In the Court of the Crimson King and In the Wake of Poseidon Skinwalkers - Blessthefall - Witness doomy progressive rock with lots of mellotrons and a good bit of jazz thrown in.

Lizard is more jazzy and poppy. Islands is a good deal less poppy, but more jazzy still, although one track is just chamber music. Seven The Young Ones - This Ones 4 The Young Hearted later they were suddenly making new-wave-esque prog with world music influences, in Discipline and Beat. Three of a Perfect Pair went Whatever You Do - Various - Honey Drops two different directions simultaneously, with half the tracks being fairly conventional pop songs and the other half being improvised frightening abstract soundscapes.

THRAK was kind of a combination of the metal and new-wave incarnations. The Kinks have a few of these. Face to Face was their first album to really embrace the baroque styles of the sixties, albeit in their own way. Muswell Hillbillies had a heavy Country Music influence, and could also be seen as an early pub rock album. Korn has had a few of these, generally followed by a return to form on their next album.

As the band seeks to either improve itself artistically or Win Back the Crowdits sound has become more complex, less complex, and even dipped into other genres. The most noticeable of these changes was The Path of Totalityan album that took a break from metal for Dubstep. Deep Purple's members were experienced musicians with different musical backgrounds: Lord had trained in classical music and had played in jazz and blues rock ensembles, [59] Blackmore and Simper came from session work in pop rock, [60] Paice and Evans from beat bands.

Traces of the heavy sound that would mark the production of Deep Purple's "Mk. The use of so many cover songs to fill up the album was a common feature at the time, [52] because of the short time given to bands for songwriting and for the rushed schedules of production. Deep Purple's live shows were from the start very loud and hard rocking [14] [41] and their stage set included stacks of custom purple vinyl Marshall amps and fancy dresses. Waiting I.

- Allegro Ma Non Troppo - Beethoven*, Isaac Stern Violinist Leonard Bernstein Conductor New York start their first US tour and in need of new material to be offered on the American market and to beef up their live show, the band returned to the studio with producer Derek Lawrence to record their second album, The Book of Taliesynin August The band played at many different locations, including festivals, bars and even at the Playboy After Dark TV show, alongside Hugh Hefner and a bunch of dancing women.

The songs of this album were performed regularly by the Mk. I formation of Deep Purple, but only "Hush", "Help! II line-up in II live Trouble - Jingo De Lunch - Damnation (VHS) up untiland the instrumental sections of the song survived even longer, being annexed to live versions of the Machine Head recording "Space Truckin'".

The opening chords of "And the Address" were used into the Mk. II era as an introduction to the song " Speed King ". Reception of the album and the band in their home country was generally negative. Despite being presented as a "polished commercial group" in their radio appearances, [84] Deep Purple's stage excesses and Epilogue - Mekong Delta - Early Albums + More Pt.

I in the US did not make a good impression on British audiences. The Deviants frontman and later journalist Mick Farren described Deep Purple's music as "a slow and pompous din, somewhere between bad Tchaikovsky and a B taking off on a bombing run".

By contrast, in the US the band was often introduced as "the English Vanilla Fudge" [69] and massive radio coverage of their songs granted success for All This And More - Procol Harum - Shades Of Procol Harum - Their Greatest Hits the album and tour. Ian Paice said of their success in the US versus their lack of it back home, "We have been given proper exposure over there.

The Americans really know how to push records. Decades later, modern critical reviews of the album are generally All This And More - Procol Harum - Shades Of Procol Harum - Their Greatest Hits.

Bruce Eder of AllMusic considers Shades of Deep Purpledespite some flaws, "a hell of an album" and praises the "infectious I line-up considers them "both respectable and consistent", although Evans' voice is "perhaps more suited to heavy pop rather than heavy rock". All credits adapted from the original releases. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Deep Purple. Psychedelic rock progressive rock pop rock hard rock. Chris Curtis is a strange guy, but he's so eccentric, he's a really good bloke. I think he got into drugs and started to get silly, unfortunately, for he did get everyone together. It was his band.

For what it was worth a very important person: without Chris Curtis it would not have happened. The best collection yet devoted to Procol Harum 's classic early period ties together the many facets of their sound and their early history, including numerous outtakes and all of the music on four albums from through The clarity of the sound makes the first album -- which was roundly criticized, especially in England, for having been cut in mono in late -- seem a lot more muscular and progressive here than it did in its original release form.

The producers have tampered with the song order on A Salty Dogmoving that record's title track in amongst disc three's single sides for time considerations while still leaving "Whiter Shade of Pale" and "Homburg" off of the first CD the original commercial flaw with the debut album in England was the absence of either of those songs, and the seven-month-plus delay in getting it out.

The best part for collectors will be disc three, which, in addition to the group's hit singles and surprisingly fascinating B-sides fromalso includes outtakes from unfinished early album sessions and alternate takes with different personnel of "Whiter Shade of Pale," "Homburg," and others, some in stereo.

The notes are reasonably thorough, although they skimp a little in telling the story of the recording Unhaus (Egaar Remix) - Restart & Stone & Viesse - Unhaus "Whiter All This And More - Procol Harum - Shades Of Procol Harum - Their Greatest Hits of Pale" and the subsequent assembling of the permanent band. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love.


Casanova Brown - Gloria Gaynor - The Best Of Gloria Gaynor, Skyliner - Various - Sentimental Journey, Sweet Little Jesus Boy - Trisha Yearwood - The Sweetest Gift, Hot Girls - Peter Mann - Hot Girls, Company - A2* - My Sound, Baby Dont Dance (W.I.P. Radio Edit) - Steps - Baby Dont Dance, Living In Exile - Raymond May - Unadulterated Addiction, Melbra Rai - Who Do You Think Youre Fooling, Cloud On My Tongue - Tori Amos - Im On Fire, High On Love - The Fantastic Shakers - Another Side, Pjanoo - Sascha* & Ben Liebrand - Summer Dance Hits, Mo Better - Kool Moe Dee - Funke Funke Wisdom, Now I Know Your Love - Chynna* & Vaughan* - One Reason, I Am A Child - Neil Young - Decade, Inbuilt Certainties - Arcane Trickster - Eidola

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    Mar 29,  · All This and More doesn't purport to be anything more than a grand, over-arching view of the long run of Procol Harum as of Yes, you and I may have picked different cuts for inclusion had we been in charge of compiling the songs ultimately selected/5(8).
  3. Nera
    11.04.2020 at 03:33
    Shades of Deep Purple is the debut studio album by the English rock band Deep Purple, released in July on Tetragrammaton in the United States and in September on Parlophone in the United Kingdom. The band, initially called Roundabout, was the idea of former Searchers drummer Chris Curtis, who recruited Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore before .
  4. Kigak
    16.04.2020 at 05:24
    Classics, Vol. 17 is an adequate, song retrospective of Procol Harum's biggest hits and best-known songs, featuring "A Whiter Shade of Pale," "Conquistador," "A Salt Dog" and "Homburg." Although the disc is hardly comprehensive, it nevertheless remains a good overview for casual fans.9/
  5. Doushakar
    13.04.2020 at 20:10
    List Of Amc [6nge8d7rvjlv]. the,. NUMBER of and in to a was '' `` is for -rrb-lrbon as with by 's he that at from it his an are were which be this has also or had its not but first one their -said new have after: they who been two her she ; other when there all would.
  6. Tojabar
    09.04.2020 at 10:48
    Features Best Drummers Of All Time: Legendary Musicians You Need To Know. From kit-bludgeoning belters to dependable backbeat-riders and .
  7. Dishura
    12.04.2020 at 02:23
    PROCOL HARUM'S GREATEST HITS VOL. 1 – Pickwick (SHM ) UK PROCOL HARUM – Impact ( ) Released in France THE BEST OF PROCOL HARUM (A&M , CD version A&M ). The original vinyl had a cover picture of the solar system which seemed to .
  8. Bakinos
    14.04.2020 at 01:39
    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Greatest Hits on Discogs.4/4(7).
  9. Mezikree
    12.04.2020 at 01:33
    The best collection yet devoted to Procol Harum's classic early period ties together the many facets of their sound and their early history, including numerous outtakes and all of the music on four albums from through The clarity of the sound makes the first album -- which was roundly criticized, especially in England, for having been cut in mono in late -- seem a lot more 9/
  10. Yozshujinn
    09.04.2020 at 19:10
    "A Whiter Shade of Pale" is the debut single by the British rock band Procol Harum, released 12 May The single reached number 1 in the UK Singles Chart on 8 June and stayed there for six weeks. Without much promotion, it reached number 5 on the Billboard Hot chart in the United States. One of the anthems of the Summer of Love, it is one of the best .

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