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Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated

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Cry Shaun Hathaway. Lom Sunburned Baby. Healing Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated Ghost City. Dorexpie Greystar. Sunburnt Echo Lane Afterschool Inc. Cypress Rosewood Moonhead. Paper Shaun Hathaway.

The Raven Epiglottis. Pink Milk Mechanical Facade. Dead Icons Dust. Copy Patricia Taxxon. Sun Body Sun Body. October Shaun Hathaway. Cold Tones Karma Bus. Reconstructed Actualities Le Pax. Vivid Abstracts Epiglottis. Kingdom Fungi Subversive Intentions. I have to just be grateful that something wonderful came from them! My STBX was exactly the same. Thought he could just insert OW for me and everything would be exactly the same.

Even told our daughter a few days after he ran off and moved in with OW and her 5 year old that our daughter would love OW because she was just like me — just much younger. Inbuilt Certainties - Arcane Trickster - Eidola daughter informed him that Shepard certainly not just like her mother because for starters her mother would cheat with a married man and be a home wrecker.

His cosmic karma has been that his teenage daughter has complete rejected him, refuses to ever meet OW and he has to walk on eggshells around my daughter. Of course, true to the narcissist he is — It is all my fault and I poisoned her against him. Never mind when he told her he was leaving us and moving in with OW the only thing my daughter asked was if she could change her last name to my maiden name.

His last affair ended up with her blackmailing him for money or else she would come and tell me. He finally had to confess to me because he was tired of being blackmailed. And for a control freak Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated he is this must have been unbearable. Talk about Karma. Took me two weeks, as far as I can tell, so I guess his optimal cake-eating was short-lived.

Always had the responsible adult here to take care of that stuff for him, it must be beneath him! And the man has an MBA in finance, ha ha ha!!! At my insistence, they now have a meal with him, maybe even go to a movie, once a month. Karma in his case Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated just the result of being who he is, and making the choices he makes.

You wrote about insisting that your children have a meal or a movie once a month with their father. It reminded me of a conversation I had with my adopted parents. I told them that I could see myself, eventually, encouraging my sons to have a relationship with their father. Your sons are young adults. Respect them. Support them. They can make their own decisions. Be the parent Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated you are and have been. They zeroed right in to what my Jason Harms Quintet - The Land Of The Fear Of Men habit had been: spackling.

I was always smoothing things over. The fuckhead lost that, too. Joy, your parents were right on!! My kids were only 12 and 13 at the time of the separation, though, and a year older when they started refusing to see him.

Yes, I too was insisting my daughter have dinner at least once a month with STBX and my City to City - DJ Amir - Vol.

7 Da Bitch, married 58 years, also asked me why. They too pointed out that my daughter is 15 and certainly old enough to make her own decisions about how much or little she wants to see her father.

They are so right and also called me on my spackling habit! It has to come out by the 6th at the latest so who knows if Karma is coming for him or not- I desperately hope it finds him an unfit parent.

But I do have a funny story. Most of them were really dumb ideas spam them. Sign them up on CL for sexual encounters. I was impressed with that one. I really think that one would just backfire. I had a guy I met tell me that he could have my ex tazed for me on the regular.

I have to admit I was very tempted…. Planting drugs in his car for revenge is a bad one. Especially, if Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated ex-wife is getting alimony from him or relying on his funds for support.

If not, then I guess it would be OK, but somehow I think that one would come back to bite them in my opinion. Karma will do the job for you, just back off and let them live with themselves. This is a funny story about a guy who thinks pooping on a doorstep is appropriate revenge for cheating. Clearly it is not advocating pooping, or pooping on doorsteps, or pooping related to cheating. Sometimes I think we jump on each other too much on this site.

Do you mean the car-planting part? This is just a story about what funny things people post online. Calm down everyone. I took the high-road on everything, even when there La Bamba - Lester Lanin - Lester Lanin Plays For Dancing so many opportunities where I could have crucified my XH. My Karma is sparkling.

No point in messing up your own Karma to try to hurry theirs. All I can say is, he is definitely living with his shitty life choices.

My karma is sparkling…I like that. A LOT! So my conscience is clear and I sleep well at night. Staying clean on your end is the only way to stay sane. The minute you try to move the wheels yourself — Karma turns on you. Yep, and I think also, you give away your power. I just mind my own business, locked down FB so nobody can see a thing and lucky for me he lives quite a distance from me so I never have to worry about seeing him.

Added bonus, no kids with him. He deserves the cluster-fuck his life has turned into. My life is just getting better. Just typing that made me burst into laughter again. Thanks Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated brightening my day! We laughed a lot about it, but that was it. The only karma so far was good for me, he still got off easy. He never answered my divorce filing in any way, so a couple weeks before the court date my attorney went to the judge about it and I lucked out; judge cited ex with contempt of court.

My ex is afraid of jail… well he had gotten 2 DUIs in less than a year, he was on probation, so that contempt of court would put him in jail for a while. The only way to get it dropped was to settle with me, he did so 3 days before the court date. He wanted A Serious Problem - John Debney - The Relic (Complete Motion Picture Score) house, I bought it before I ever met him.

I may owe more on it now than I did back then, but I kept it. May she live to be years old :. It was five blocks from me, same school district as ordered by the court. We were supposed to have shared custody of our teens, but, with no place for them to sleep, they were with me all of the time. Fast forward two years, and the teens are off to college.

Come to find out he was evicted for nonpayment of rent and the new apartment is one of those places that are cheap and known for transient people and make the Crime section of the local paper quite a bit.

So safe for my girls…. He and I practically shared our birthdays for over twenty years. Making me responsible for renewing the license plates for both of us on our cars.

One of the last things I ever did as his wife was renewing his tags in October In August he was picked up for no registration on his truck. A full ten months past his birthday.

Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated to the county justice system website, he got his truck re registered, but, has a warrant out for his arrest for non payment of the Tutti Frutti - Little Richard - Replay he incurred.

To me, Flight Jackets - Max Resist And The Hooligans* - Renegade Youth, but, I have struggled with telling him he had better Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated the courts because the next time he gets stopped for speeding eight speeding tickets in seven years or some other seemingly minor traffic violation he will have his truck impounded and could go to jail.

He still pays me a settlement. Bad choices, entitlement, karma, whatever you call it, it will play out. He can totally mess up his entire life once the kids have graduated university!!!! Only 10 years to go …. She was praying for a girl because she already had two boys from her first marriage.

But, the girl twin died in utero and she had to carry to term on bedrest, in hospital, etc. To this day OWife is convinced this death was God punishing her for the affair.

Then, while lying alone in hospital bed getting ready to give birth to the remaining twin, she gets call from hospital finance dept. Hundreds of thousands of medical bills for the pregnancy, premature birth of remaining twin and NIC unit care for the baby.

OWife later told me that was when she started to realize what she had gotten herself into. OWife is still tormented to this day by female children. Why does she deserve to live and my baby died? My daughter was alive and breathing long before OWife entered the picture yet she resents her for being alive? Poor thing, has no idea what a monster he has for a mother. I am so sorry Delta for the way she treated your daughter. There are no words to describe this dispicable thing in a human suit you refer to as the OWife.

What a total waste of space! What a monster! What is it with these pregnancy cheaters? Yeah, OW really won a prize there…. Both of my children really Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated she no longer allows them to even come to her home or my Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated to even seem them that often.

Early on, I would have given anything for my kids to not have to be around her. But, you move on, you reach meh, you find another better spouse, and your kids learn to live between two homes and Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawatedetc. So when she rejected them, after they had long since bonded with her, it was heartbreaking for me. They had already practically been abandoned by their father. They had gotten past that and accepted — and even bonded with — the new family.

Sadly, my X just went along with it, in a way, RE-abandoning them. Fortunately, my kids have accepted the situation for what it is. And overall, they are better off seeing the truth instead of being manipulated. But it still is very sad to see kids have go through this heartbreak.

I hate to be alarmist, but be on your guard with her if they are the emotions she is willing to verbalize in reference to your daughter I would hate to imagine what is in her head. Sammie D, I hear you loud and clear. That was almost three years ago. During that same conversation, the OWife made it very clear she did not want my children in her home.

My X now sees the kids maybe once a week for a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon at my place or at a park or something-but never at his home. The kids are more stable now without her in their lives and they are doing much better. The real Karma is that I moved 3 hours away back to my hometown. I have the support of my friends and family. I now have an awesome new position at my company in the new city that I love more than my old one. I now weigh over 60 pounds less.

I am Pokreni Me - Mama Rock - The Best Of to buy my first home. This is the company that also employed the hoe-worker bitch. He had been warned about the Whats New Pussycat?

- Tom Jones - MP3 Collection - Part1 of their relationship. Now the OW who lives with him DWält Uf Um Chopf - Sina* - All:Tag At least I think she still does?

Plus his addiction to porn and his constant flirting with Choosing You - Flesh For Lulu - Plastic Fantastic women. I could care less what is going on with his life now. We had no kids, no house to split, no shared assets and no alimony. The divorce papers are just waiting to be finalized by a judge. I never have to talk to him ever again.

That is the best Karma of all!!! In the case of my cheating ex-wife, karma showed up when she married her last? Made a big deal of it. Wore a white dress and veil she was a mom in her mids, her marriage to me lasted 22 years, during which she had half a dozen affairsa white-collared ministered presided, and they involved my sons in the ceremony.

But the superficial wonderfulness of their union is a sham. They are wretched people. Cheaters and takers with anemic coping skills and budding mental illness, the both of them. It makes me smile to think of them inflicting themselves on each other. Charles Manson eating Jeffrey Dahmer. Tori Spelling reconciling with Dick Haymes - Youll Never Know McDermott. I wish them a long marriage.

They are pitiful. Oh, my ex does that inappropriate-for-her-age thing also. There must be a female equivalent to the Peter Pan Syndrome, right? Trying to think of women famous for not wanting to grow up.

The Madonna Syndrome, perhaps? The Tori Spelling Syndrome? I just had assumed the Peter Pan syndrome applied to men and women.

My stbxh is like this too. One of our big fights was that I never wanted to go out clubbing and he did. The best physical thing is that his teeth — always naturally straight and thanks to his bleachings to enhance his looks for the OW very white. But he must have some sort of gum disease because they are shifting and there are now minute spaces between each tooth that makes it look like black lines go between. And Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated has a space between his front teeth that you could drive a car through.

That is a smack to his vanity — since he always valued his megawatt smile. The OW had a couple Karmic smacks in the last year — she was sitting at a light and a car plowed into her and totaled her brand new Tuscon, forcing her to use insurance to pay off the wreck and then have to get a new car, a new loan, etc.

Then my kids found out that her daughter is living with a convicted extortionist and druggie. And best of all? For that my ex cashed in a big part of his TSA and put themselves even further into debt. If he is developing gaps in his otherwise Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated smile, his retirement money may not be the only thing he is blowing.

I just think that many cheaters end up messing up their lives. Trying to have a long-term relationship with someone else with your co-cheater only makes it worse. A Get Hit Together - Eddie Matos - Disco To Disco Part 2 of chumps seem to have been taking care of the cheater for years.

Without the chump, the cheater makes a worse mess of their life and career. I had to At The Cage 1 - John Bender - Memories Of Mindless Mechanical Monologues 1976-1985 two businesses during our marriage. One was very large and thank God it was incorporated because I was told that our Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated option was to go bankrupt.

Instead, I made payments and Factus Abba - Philip Cave - Anglo Saxon Chant - Chant In Honour Of Anglo Saxon Saints paid off the losses.

All by my self. He shut down when things started to go south. The second time was almost a replay of Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated first.

He could not cope and the mess ended up being my responsibility once again. We had to start our lives over. And once we got a toe hold on that, he ran away to University to change careers leaving me to raise the kids and live in reality land. Degas Racing World - Terence Blanchard - Jazz In Film he got his career, he did me the favour of having a giant cheater mental break down and firing me from the wife position.

Now that there is no one to clean up after his poor life and financial choices — he is swimming in debt that he cannot seem to come to terms with. Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated my problem. I have a good credit rating and have a peaceful yet frugal life. Hope his parents enjoy bailing his sorry ass out. This thread make me wonder about some of the marriage reconciliation advice. I have no trouble believing that some people having affairs are in a fog and acting in ways that are irrational.

They risk losing partner who have taken care of them for years just to have exciting sex. So maybe the best advice if you want to reconcile is to absolutely not let things go on as they are or try to be an even better spouse.

Maybe the best advice is to quickly show them Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated what their life will be like without you and with the OW. Although I suspect that while many cheaters would then want to get back what they had, the faithful spouse might not want them. Well said Diana, my IC first mentioned how much I clean up after him.

The karma tree hit my ex pretty hard. So, immediately after he left me for her, he got injured at work, then he got a stroke. She had apparently been cheating on HIM with another guy from work for about a month keep in mind all 3 parties work at the same place… Awkwaaaard. My ex and his schmoopie did that same dance. They broke up several times during our divorce, and called it quits for good before the divorce was final.

I actually hope he does fine enough to keep working because I depend on him for maintenance. I wash my hands of the whole sordid mess.

My younger son, however, seems to be just fine with his dad. He was always close to his dad and they have a lot of interests in common. What you wrote resonated with Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated. I have always prayed that my sons find women who love them as much as I loved their fatherwho make them happy, and who see me as a support. I am grateful that I dated a guy after college whose mom was my role model on how to be a mother-in-law.

She was so incredibly loving. She and her entire family were what I missed once that relationship ended. My karma arrived shortly after the D was finalized.

I needed to meet with my ex-H to get him off our joint bank account and my car title. I finally convinced him to meet me at a bank branch 5 minutes away from his apartment. Six months earlier, he totaled his car and had been borrowing one from his sister. However, when he pulled up to the bank he was driving a beat-up passenger van — you know, the kind of thing a canoe outfitter might use to haul you upriver.

He got all pissy and explained that his sister needed her car back for our niece. We signed him off the bank account and then sat down in the lobby to sign the car title paperwork. He noticed that my diamond wedding band was now on my middle finger. I work from home and I have to beg people for rides if I want to go somewhere.

My response? Nice midlife crisis mobile…. And Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated purported reason for cheating on me and running away from home? However, I think the schadenfreude finally helped me move on. That sounds like the inner circle of Karma Hell!! Love it! I hope never to give any more of myself to my x since he is such a scumbag.

In front of people, he was Mr. Afterward, he tried to argue with me in the parking lot. I told him that I no longer had to put up with his abuse as I got in my car and drove away.

That reminds me of a calendar hanging up at work. Is justifiable homicide exist? In my situation, it appears ex-husband is making better choices so not sure he will ever experience any pain or guilt over leaving me financially strapped and in poor health pre-existing minor stuff made worse by D Day after 23 years of marriage.

Seriously, he appears happy with OWife. No health or financial problems to speak of at the moment. He maintains a cordial although distant relationship with our children, but they are grown anyway. I know I am like 3 years late to comment on this post but I do believe that what goes around definitely does comes around. Tbh reading these posts makes Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated fear I will never be enough for someone to spend their eternity with me.

I guess the karma I still long for happened in the separation and I have to keep reminding myself of that. You wanna fuck skanks on Adult Friend Finder? I still long to hear about any misfortune that comes his way. The other shoe will drop.

I got him in the pocketbook, but his emotional world will crumble, that I am sure of. I guess the other karma is that my friends were his friends— and now they are gone from his life. He had none to speak of before. Now all he can do is cling to his 2 co-worker friends and his cat, and the skanks. Always with the skanks.

One thing he did tell me after D-day was that no one talked to him any more. Most of you know my story. Then, his attorney tell us STBX has decided to file bankruptcy. My back is against the wall on this and it sucks!

So please. Be patient, it sometimes takes a while for karmic results to become clear. But it is highly unlikely that a guy who is this big of a jerk is going to go on to live happily ever after …. I just love the timing of this topic, as I recently got a karma update straight from the mouth of my XH. So, to quickly recap: within a few months after the DDays and upon Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated from XH, he 1 was reprimanded by the state licensing board for other ethics violations, 2 was evicted from his office for failure to pay rent, and 3 his Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated new sports car was repossessed.

Soon Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated controlling traits emerged. Now I know he had NPD. I had to make it work because of what I had done—left a perfectly sweet man for him. I succumbed, learned to not piss him off, controlled what I said and in the way I said it and so on. Karma came and bit me in the ass. He suddenly left me after twenty years. During a contentious divorce I found out what he had been doing.

Years of cheating on me, from the very start. I got what I deserved. So I agree with you, Chump Lady. She would have been alone while her kind farmer husband would have remarried a nice woman and they Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated have had a loving life while she was on her own and lonely.

Welcome MJ. Sounds like you learned your lesson. She has expressed genuine remorse. And I like men just been reading your misogyny comments here for quite some.

Your behavior Flight Jackets - Max Resist And The Hooligans* - Renegade Youth seem to indicate you do. Because mine did not.

I thinkonce it hits LIVE NOW - Pablo Discobar - Live @ Revolver the karma busthey might feel something akin to those things CL.

Of course, they are such great actors, one never knows. I wonder about this theory of the karma bus. This is an opportunity for me to learn about Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated and grow personally. As I have come to understand this Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated it says: everyone is living his or her karma each day, and we either heed the lesson and move forward at first — so we find the next lesson — or we keep repeating it in different guises until we learn at last.

So, one marries a cheat and then divorces a cheat. Then one marries someone else, that person may not cheat but may take advantage in some other way. So they will continue to run into the same lesson in the form of a deceitful or abusive spouse or other fraught relationships until they figure it out. Plus, just to cover my bases, I never wish difficult karma on anyone.

Because by its very nature, it would bounce back on me. Better to self-focus and move forward rather than sitting around waiting for bad stuff to happen to others. Even if they hurt me. And unless he or she decides to actually clear that karma and accepts that cheating is crappy and that they need to change, they will be forced to repeat their karma in all sorts of ways until they are beaten down by the universe and they finally do make changes.

I suppose that might be an obvious conclusion after reading what I had done. What I was was stupid, weak, characterless and a near perfect source of Narcissistic Supply. I was a good wife to him in healthy, normals ways. I had to be to make up for what I had done. Just wondering. The behavior was so incredibly traumatizing, I was just wondering how you pulled it off if you had any empathy.

Meryl has had a few of these roles. Kramer v Kraamer, Out of Africa come to mind. It is apparent to me that if the affair partner is attractive enough and the spouse less so, many people are okay with this.

Of course, the analysis is so shallow. How does a hardworking farmer compete with the glamorous photographer. My daughters exhibit these values, unfortunately. But, they are young and I hope they get itat some point.

I just want to comment here: Karin was already separated and actually a long-suffering BS from her cheating husband Bror when she and Denys became involved in Out of Africa. Plus Bror is aware of the relationship — nothing hidden from him. She said yes. Bror was a cheating toad who took her money and gave her syphillis and this was actually a true story.

And the Kramer vs. Her character left an unfulfilling marriage just for herself. Which, obviously, is the stand up way to do things; and yet her character was made out to be a flake and a bad person. That men could and do take as Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated of care of children as women do. Motivation Locker room shenanigans get carried away. Paying Back Beth's Loans Beth's offered a new payment plan to continue her education.

Sexploits Ch. Family Saturday. Paramore Fantasy Pt. What the Fuck? Family Affairs Ch. Sharing the Lady Michelle gets into more than she anticipated.

Rest-stop Surprise A frisky Wife gets more than She expected at a rest-stop. Promotion Interview Abby will do anything to move up the corporate ladder. Plugging Slow - Blackstone - Beautiful Holes My slutty friend puts out Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated her three fuck buddies.

A New Innocence The account of a wildly successful staggette. Airtight Tailgate My fuck buddy makes new friends at the football game.

Brad's Road Trip Ch. Merciless Hospital Ch. Doctor, Who's That?


Jazz Juice - Detroit / Back To Back, Save Me (Solid Base Remix) - Various - Techno Dance Attack 95, The Cry (a) - Dennis Farnon - Pictures From A Life, Come To Me - Alain Boublil And Claude-Michel Schönberg - Les Misérables - The Original London Cast, Ride On - Metalium - Demons Of Insanity - Chapter Five, Jackson - Various - On The Road Again - 20 Great Truck Driving Hits, Chain Of Command - Extreme Unction, Roodkapje En De Boze Wolf - Various - Roodkapje En De Boze Wolf, Now I Know Your Love - Chynna* & Vaughan* - One Reason, Lo Buscaste - Maria De Jesus - Cuba Libre

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