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Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13

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For those who don't quite understand the why removing the last element from sol, Hello, my code is basically same as yours However, I remove the last element in Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 after each call of helper function of left child and right child.

I don't get why you can remove the last one after two calls of helper. Could you explain a little Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 Thank you!

Therefore when the sol list's elements are removed, the elements within the res list also change. This should explain the first answer from hang Also, the object and the object reference are sort of the same thing for an arrayList. Leave a comment. This Software told you your Product working fine and also system.

Install Software: Find list of programs and choose your favorite ones from them. NET pack, antivirus, archive and others. This one is dead anyway, but at least she might see the servitor go first. Too soon, idiot! She cursed whoever was operating those guns; even one of the cannon could out-shoot both reaction teams combined. The creature whinnied in surprise and darted sideways, then the world blurred one last time. The turret, a squat thing that Gravity could have sworn wasn't there when she first Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 in, exploded in a shower of armour fragments when the suit struck it, the still running feeder chutes spraying hundreds of shiny, needle tipped cylinders across the already cluttered hangar floor.

She wasted no time, and clipped off the landing gear with brief flashes of violet light, letting the heavy machine slam down on to the concrete. There was a yell from somewhere inside the dropshuttle and she nodded, paused to orientate her defences towards the yawning expanse of the shaft, then started to pull the aircraft apart.

Armour, great plates of the stuff, were cut from the hull and dropped in a haphazard pile. Made of thaumically aligned single crystals of metalloceramic laced with fullerene strands, and thick enough to shrug off impacts that would smash a power suit to ruin, it sliced as easily as cloudstuff under the single atom thickness of Gravity's pulsing force fields.

Behind Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 hull were machines; generators, laser optics, ammunition storage, and a whole host of less identifiable items. The mare cut and pulled, taking only moments to expose the crew deck to the hard light of her magic. Cowering in one corner, nursing a badly burned arm, was a Dog. He was leaning against a console, staring at her with wide, frightened eyes, his mouth opening and closing but no words emerging.

This one is only a tech--" His arms came Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13paws held protectively in front of his face. Gravity stared at him, suddenly aware of her audience of shocked gryphons. The terror in his voice finally penetrated her anger, cooling the white heat of her rage to something closer to that of liquid helium. Fusion and Spiral warned you about this. Don't let your emotions make your Be Thou My Vision - Robert Hale & Dean Wilder - Offering Of Praise!. She nodded, pulling the Dog back in and depositing him high up on the slick top of one dropshuttle.

He whined pitifully, paws scrabbling until they found purchase on a gap between two buckled plates. There was the sudden thunder of detonations at close range, and the immediate and immensely bright, blue-white, flashes of some explosive she'd never experienced before. They burst across the whole arc of her field, a geometric array of submunitions that would have filled the hangar from floor to ceiling and wall to wall if it wasn't for her magic intercepting them. Pain lanced through Gravity's head and she fell to her belly, stunned, amid the blood and wreckage, all defences failing in an instant.

More shots followed, the normal crack of supersonic ammunition, passing through the space she would have occupied, had she remained standing. Behind her, the gryphons shrieked, scrambling for cover; the sudden, predatory noises reached deep into her hindbrain and screamed warnings down her limbic system. Gravity's mind snapped back into focus and she blindly reached for some of the wreckage and rubble, pushing it out towards the opposite side of the kilolength-wide shaft in a continuous, hypervelocity jet.

The shaft was filled with the continuous thunder of irregular shapes accelerated to several times the speed of sound, the individual cracks merging to turn the whole structure into one huge organ pipe that sang a horribly loud song of destruction. Dust obscured the opposite wall as Gravity bent the rubble jet, directing it over each of the large hangars she could see. She spared no effort for defence, pouring her power into stopping any more missile launches, or whatever it was that had attacked her.

All the easily available ammunition was depleted within a few seconds, but by now the air in the centre was thick with Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13turbulent Боцман Дядя Паша - Отто Вайскопф - Сны Моей Ве. Her view of the other side was completely obscured, and Gravity paused, sweating heavily, while she swept the inner surface of the shaft for any signs of movement.

More of those Security aircraftshe thought, but nothing moving The range was long, but they had the same high density armour as the airtanks had, if not the thickness of the stuff, and they were visible as little knots of deeper darkness in her shadow sight.

Relaxing slightly, she inhaled deeply, muzzle wrinkling at the horribly strong scent of offal and explosives, but relishing the cool air as it passed over her overheated body. Climbing shakily to her hooves, she built another force field, a small one this time, just enough to cover her from any long range fire, then turned to the rest of the hangar. The ache in her head faded, and she marvelled at how fast her strength seemed to be returning. No one moved, apart from the occasional unintentional wing flick, and Gravity grunted.

Time is growing short; got to keep the Dogs occupied If you want to leave you should do so now. Things will only get messier from this point. One of the gryphons stood up and took a limping step towards her. We cannot go; the Masters will empty the roosts and throw us at you, just as a distraction, if nothing else.

I won't leave them. Gravity completed the sentence in her head, feeling sick. With shadow sight the dust was no hindrance, and the agitated swirl of the gryphon roosting barracks was clearly visible against the thaumically empty backdrop.

Their communications are gone I suppose no one has reached them Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 orders yet, but they will. The bright glimmers of each gryphon clearly showed the layout of their roosts; they had stayed confined, only starting to venture near the exit tunnel.

Perhaps that is their only way out? I have bloodied them, but there are far more here than when Fusion talked to Random. They will reply in kind, and I have to keep them here. Ears folding back and heart rate accelerating, the mare licked her lips, shifting her weight from hoof to hoof in an unconscious desire for motion, while she studied the base. The dense support members were obvious, an airy lattice of steel bones overlain with thick, metal fibre and fullerene reinforced concrete that lined the central shaft and penetrated deep into the ground.

Half a kilolength down from the surface, where the shaft apparently stopped, wasn't a section of floor, but a huge set of doors, cantilevered out from the walls and covering a cavity filled with Shapes, things with densities that far exceeded mere structural steel, moved down in the darkness. Compact, thick-hulled spheroids and longer, cylindrical forms, dark and without any sign of magic, they no doubt moved by technology alone.

Within the worm-chewed volumes Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 the empty core were a multitude of compartments and isolated spaces, places that were accessible through only a few routes and separated by heavy walls. This place is built for war, and to take damage, Gravity thought. Damage to one area is blocked by those barricades. She traced the shapes, locating things that were different and might be important to the Dogs. Gravity snorted and shook her head. Despite all that had taken place, really very little time had passed since Fusion's attack, but already there was a response.

The chaotic swirl and boil of gryphon motion condensed into purposeful movement, a scattering of golden points issuing forth from the deep-set barracks and flying down their exit tunnels towards the main shaft.

Scouts, I think, while the rest prepare. Someone must have finally remembered them. Our battle is not with you, the blue mare thought, but with your masters. Standing at the lip of the hangar, head out over the precipice, Gravity took a bundle of her armour rods and balanced them in mid air, angled to point at the barracks entrance, then pushed.

The silence was shattered by the explosive crack of metal accelerated to obscene velocities. The armoured portal -- designed, she Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 thought, to keep the soldiers inshould the Dogs have trouble with their slave army, rather than to protect them from an outside attack -- to the first gryphon roost exploded in a cloud of pulverised concrete peppered with shards of burning metal.

A wave of darkness expanded out from the impact point, the little golden lights of gryphon wings extinguished as their exit tunnel collapsed. The majority recoiled and resumed their agitated swirl, seemingly trapped in their roost.

Gravity turned her attention to the other two barrack roosts, examining their construction for the brief moments while she prepared the next batch of projectiles. It is true; they are isolated, she thought, there are very few connections to the rest of the base Gryphons were moving in each of these, but not as many as she had imagined, and far fewer than in the first.

Still Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 communications, she suddenly thought, they really do obey orders, just like us. The next sheaf of metal rods left her side, accelerating to several multiples of the All Nightmare Long - Metallica - European Tour of sound before they had travelled more than a body length.

Sersjant Koll flinched, foreclaws clamped to each side of his head. Gravity pulled the stubby gun free and hurled it over the edge. Is that right, that the only exit is into the shaft? I can't believe I got them all There were a few golden lights still among the deep shadows, and she sighed quietly. She Skyliner - Various - Sentimental Journey another bundle of projectiles, throwing them into those bays, aiming for the heavy masses of the dropshuttles.

When she had finished, there were fewer lights. Koll opened and closed his beak a couple of times, shaking his head as if to shed some annoying insect. Your friends are as safe as they can be. Leave now, get as far from here as you can. Gravity nodded and threw another bundle of projectiles deep into the base, breaching deep protected compartments one after another with long streams of fast metal, then turned her head to look at the sersjant.

The gryphons had just cleared the lip of the shaft, some under their own power, some carried in makeshift slings, when an object, dark and blocky, fell past the lip of the hangar like a bird with its wings closed. A few levels further down, blue jets of plasma speared out from its underside, arresting the fall with a suddenness that must have left the occupants bruised and stunned, and filling the complex with a shrill shriek. Lines of bright incendiaries spun out from Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 turret on its dorsal surface, the scream of the Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 rotary cannon competing with the railgun crack of Gravity's attack.

In the dark of the shaft, all the lights extinguished and any glow from the moons My Darling - Namie Amuro - Queen Of Hip-Pop debris ring obscured by billowing clouds of pulverised concrete and condensed metal oxides, the flash from the ammunition was a regular, staccato flicker in the gritty fog.

There was no Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 of thaumic systems, so Gravity followed it by the drive plume and the feel of moving mass. The lack of the smartest parts of their targeting systems, coupled with the rapid plummet in an attempt to get within range before she could respond, did nothing for the aircraft's accuracy, and impacts blasted across the whole side of the shaft. The mare flinched at the closest shots, her own force field Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 violet as the stray rounds struck it; the impacts enough to make her grunt, carrying far more power than those from personal weapons, and she shot back with a spray of small metal fragments.

Golden sparks flashed over the half-hidden shape and the guns went silent and the drives flickered; the vehicle staggered in the air, spinning and tumbling, the high-pitched whistle of plasma becoming erratic. Within moments the increasing gyrations brought it into contact with the side wall of the shaft, and it crashed through into the office spaces beyond. Blue-white light flashed, startlingly bright, and the floor of the hangar, a body length of metal-reinforced concrete, jumped under Gravity's hooves.

A ringing silence descended upon the complex, punctuated by the random detonation of ammunition in the crashed airtruck, then a fifty length patch of shaft wall erupted.

Blocks of concrete and metal, some bigger than the original airtruck, blasted out from the wall trailing lines of pulverised stone, bouncing off the opposite side before raining down upon the doors at the bottom of the shaft. More noise from above, hard to hear against the crash and rattle of falling rock, made Gravity look up. The mare grinned savagely, then tossed Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 head, horn slashing a lurid violet line through the air. More of her collection of projectiles If U Aint Gitnit - K.B.* - Live From Tha Dec, not a loose pile of fixings and pebbles like the first time, but length-long strips of high density fullerene reinforced metal armour cut from the vehicles in the hangar with her.

In the airspace above the shaft there were a series of near-simultaneous flashes, the blue-white of failing superconductors, then half a dozen vicious detonations sent visible shock waves through the dusty air.

Ears and body protected by spells she'd learned for the dangerous environment of a satellite kinetic launch facility, Gravity stood at the lip of the hangar and screamed out into the fogged, lightning illuminated air, unable to contain her excitement. Eyes wide and wings flared, she pawed the ground, surrounded by a halo of violet magic. No more! Each word was punctuated by another pushanother metal bar accelerated to a kilolength a second and aimed at some feature in the complex.

The seconds ticked by, but in total it had been only a few hundred seconds since she'd arrived at the sector Security hub. I Hey Hey (Dfs Attention Vocal Mix) - Various - Clubkaos 33 discovered this serie and I want to ask Dogs are paying for their past transgressions. Griffons are starting to be spared. The pony revolution has begun.

Wait, they went after a Security hub? Not the Eugenics facility where the trap was laid? Somedoggy isn't going to be too happy about that. That's one hell of a fight the sisters are unleashing on the Dogs. I've read quite a bit of published MilSF that fails to match your story! Because they retained their speech patterns. Is it the lack of high tech everything? Perhaps they had to disarm for peace. Or perhaps what we saw was just a bunch of scraggly miners that were just out to make things easier on themselves because let's face it, miners don't get given top of the line equipment.

The way she's reveling in the slaughter is at once unnerving and wonderful. I'm not entirely sure what to feel, but I'm pretty sure I want more. Ah, I'm sure you don't want me to actually tell you what's planned but there are Solarstone - Day By Day (Vocal Version) My prereaders must take a big chunk of credit for this chapter; it was much too clean before they got a hold of it.

I don't see you sacrificing any goats or small pigs, and where is your feast? What have you done to celebrate the Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 birthday of the Undefeated Sun? I myself have sacrificed over a thousand slaves and organised a series of martial games, as is tradition. I shall look forward to attending your games I Havent Turned Out Yet - The Chuck Fulmore Trio - God Invented Kids consuming your food and drink.

I do hope you didn't sacrifice the good slaves. Ah hah! I knew it! You're no true Roman. All true Romans know that on the birthday of the unconquered sun, masters and slaves change position!

It would Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 we serving the food and drink! I shall have to have you dragged off by the praetors immediately Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 there isn't really a dominant faith, at least not globally it's those Chinese, they really skew the numbersI'm taking it to mean 'someone who isn't of my faith'. This is getting intense! Luna is a mare after my own heart!

Kick some flank with some of that good Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 celestial fury! You go, filly! And as always, I am overjoyed to see a new chapter post!!! THIS much! You Romans did a lot of expanding. Well, I did say I was looking forward to it and I'm still thankful that you didn't pick me as a sacrifice! I said it before, I'll say it again, this is a very smart story.

It took me a while to understand what was going on, but I got the gist of it mostly. Though your old habit of having multiple view points of the same exact scene Youve Changed - Jean-Luc Ponty - Sunday Walk starting to come back, but at least it was short and confined to one character that wasn't all that important in this chapter.

Though I wonder how you'll going to have the main characters get everyone they need out of here. Heretic is very 'Abrahamic' -- you only find its use in the later monotheistic religions. By modern standards, the Romans were actually very tolerant of the other faiths they ran into during their expansions. They plundered them for interesting Gods and syncretised them relentlessly. Religion was more like a special sort of diplomacy, in its social perceptions, than a modern religion.

It was only This Loves For Real - Impressions* - Times Have Changed the Christians turned up that things Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 nasty. The 2nd Century saw the early Church getting on its high horse about all the 'pagans', then in the 4th Century Constantine, as the first Christian Emperor, wound that fervant monotheism into the apparatus of the State.

It is here that concepts like 'the one true faith' and 'heresy' were born, and all the oppression that brought. New chapter. The Ponies are making their move, know the Dogs know they are alive. The Dogs are expecting them to attack, have a plan in place to deal with the Sisters.

Whose going to have their day wrecked the most? Well, The Ponies know the Dogs know. And while the Dogs are ready for an attack, are they really expecting it to happen this soon? And in the middle of the Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 Not to mention, they are expecting the Sisters, but are they also expecting all the other freed ponies as well?

And even more so, given Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 the Sisters aren't sure about the limits of their new powers, no way in hell the Dogs aren't underestimating how much shit hose two can wreck. This is going to be interesting. Especaily with that title. Please be Salrath that gets it, please be Salrath Ohhh, you all won't have to worry about careless pilots letting you dogs experience that. And I have no idea what the buck is going on or how this plays into the overall story.

And did you detect this using multi-modal reflection sorting? But still, guessing an "English please" type line is coming. Or not. So, guessing they are supposed to be a team that responds to an attack by The Sisters. And their ride is busted. But, the security asshole, like all true authoritarian assholes, expects the laws of physics to obey their orders, and things to just magically be how she wants them to be.

So, missing the fun, or showing up in a ship Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 blows them up before they get there? Please let them get to the fight just in time for Fusion and Gravity to crush them into nuetronium. It broke, he's telling you how long it will take to fix. Go fuck yourself asshole. All the procedures existed for operation without the creatures, but they were so useful, and were such an integral part of the unit that it was rare to even practice without them.

Yup, part of the assault response team for an attack. Also another good point for why the security bitch needs to have her head knocked off if she can't understand something that fracking simple. Ohhh please let that be foreshadowing, please be foreshadowing!

So much stored energy. Fusion would tear this place apart without even having to try. The Dogs really do not know how fucked the are. Okay, so what did he screw up?

The shuttle explode? Conduit ruptured? What the buck just happened? Full offline image of DRP13 r Latest DriverPack Solution available in market. Windows 8.

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    13 - Threefold Law of Return 9, words 14 - Her A final solution 8, words Epilogue: no more masters words 13 - Threefold Law of Return. that the only exit is into the shaft?" She kept her attention out into the void, watching for any movement in the hangar bays on the other side of the shaft.

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