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Hyper-Gamma-Spaces - The Alan Parsons Project - Pyramid

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I know an APP "Ballads" compilation has been released, and while putting them all together may not be the good idea it first sounds variety being the spice of lifethey really are what APP are best at.

The music of "Pyramid" is lightweight Art rock Ride On - Metalium - Demons Of Insanity - Chapter Five frequently on the melodic rock and pop rock.

There's little which might be described as truly prog here. Of the other tracks, "The eagle will rise again" offers a credible pop ballad orientated number, while "Hyper-gamma-spaces" is one of Parson's ubiquitous almost trance like instrumentals. The remaining of the tracks are pleasant easy listening, If you enjoy the music of the Alan Parsons Project, you'll enjoy "Pyramid", just don't expect any surprises.

This song will tell you almost all you need to know about the band's sound: spartan, moody verses and surging choruses, sung in a flat European style, with almost characterless guitars and familiar early synth sounds. A powerful classical backing adds emphasis in places, without ever feeling out of place or tacked-on; the best compliment I can give is Hyper-Gamma-Spaces - The Alan Parsons Project - Pyramid every element is necessary and appropriate to the compositions.

The wailing synths in the background strike an eerie counterpoint to the eager drums and sax parts, and the vocals have more character than elsewhere And "Can't Take it With You" continues the trend; pop that would love to be prog, or vice-versa.

It does seem admirably ahead of it's time- it wouldn't have sounded any more dated in the Hyper-Gamma-Spaces - The Alan Parsons Project - Pyramid it's not too far from several songs by Adrian Belew's THE BEARS, for instance, without the wonderful guitar workbut neither would it have been any more memorable.

The second side starts up promisingly: a pseudo-eastern atmosphere with portentious bells and millitary drums. Too soon, however, the slightly silly, bouncy rhythm section saps the possible strengths of the "O Fortuna" style chorus and orchestral Perfect Strangers/Under The Gun/Lazy/Drum Solo/Child In Time - Deep Purple - Third Night. The same cannot be said for the dully goofy "Pyramania", which again presages some of the lower moments of the upcoming 80s, as does the burbling synth bass of "Hyper-Gamma-Spaces".

It's a little too obviously the "slow song", just as the two songs that ended the first side were transparently the "upbeat single" material, but as APP never really pretended to be anything but a commercial venture, we can perhaps forgive the blatant intentions.

Hyper-Gamma-Spaces - The Alan Parsons Project - Pyramid such a well-produced and smoothly progressing disc, the album is really a mixed bag. Unfortunately, that may have robbed the album of some possibility of mystery; one can clearly hear the lack of any soulfulness. Because they are two completely different bands, I hate to make too close a comparison Later, the song intensifies in the same beat using male choirs, keyboard touches, and glorious symphonic arrangements.

The last parts of the song explode in dramatic male choirs and symphonic beauty. This is the most progressive song of the record, and also the most enjoyable.

It is an electronic-rocker that seems to be influenced from Michael Jarre for the synth usage style. This song is a ballad with an orchestra. I do not give it 5 stars because it is not an album that blows you away, nor is absolutely brilliant in songwriting. I imagine that this track is good for soundtrack music - film score. I realize that this track should be used in my next workshop because it can create good ambient for the class. The use of brass section provides excellent textures for the music.

It's really an excellent track. No wonder, Andrew Powell is the Arranger and Conductor. This track has a very catchy melody and it characterizes the Alan Parsons Project music. Keep on proggin'.! This song is sung by now-longtime contributor David Paton, Hyper-Gamma-Spaces - The Alan Parsons Project - Pyramid also plays some bass on the Hyper-Gamma-Spaces - The Alan Parsons Project - Pyramid.

And what goes on Hyper-Gamma-Spaces - The Alan Parsons Project - Pyramid your life is writing on the wall. If all things must fall, why build a miracle at all? If all things must pass, even a miracle won't last.

What's been lost, must be found. Zakatek is an interesting guy. This one also introduces a fairly prominent horn section, including a decent saxophone solo although really — have you ever heard a bad saxophone solo?

This is pure pop rock with only an attempt at art leanings in the minor percussion and sound effects. A really strange tune for a Project album. Parsons sandwiches a short vocal piece between two longer instrumentals to create a kind of epic journey-like feel, complete with middle eastern percussion and synthesized reed sounds, along with a bit George Harrison - Cloud Nine flute and heavy organ for added mysterious effect.

This is a heavy orchestrated piece that Radiophonic (Radio Edit) - Pet Shop Boys - Dance Remixes 2000 sounds like a Broadway musical work.

So this is another step slightly down in terms of creativity for Parsons, although again Hyper-Gamma-Spaces - The Alan Parsons Project - Pyramid delivers a technically perfect studio work. And this is not in any way a progressive music album, probably not even in the realm of art rock. And for that it gets two stars 2. Instrumental 'Voyager' starts a wonderful quartet of tracks, setting the spellbinding tone with an airy synth intro and a pulsating beat, then turning seamlessly into 'What Goes Up It's easy to remember who was the engineer of Hyper-Gamma-Spaces - The Alan Parsons Project - Pyramid Side of the Moon!

This one's better. But again it's the perfectionistic touch of the sound architect that makes this track soar gorgeously. The A side is finished by a song about the inevitability of dying. It's not in the same level as the tracks before it and even the nice refrain Hyper-Gamma-Spaces - The Alan Parsons Project - Pyramid from 'One More River' doesn't save it from getting slightly boring within five minutes.

B side is weaker. It's amusing but nothing more. But the final song is just lovely. If you're not turned on by deep emotions in music it may be too sentimental to you. Pyramid is very recommendable for admirers of perfect production Sugar - Singapore Sling - The Curse The Life The Blood adventurous or emotional feelings in music.

Pyramid had fewer guest appearances than prior APP albums. Like previous albums, Pyramid is chiefly a pop rock album with slight "progressive tendencies. Musically and lyrically, Pyramid is a large notch below the quality of I Robot and because it is much more pop rock-based than I Robot and Tales, I can't possibly give it more than two stars. For collectors and fans only. I would recommend starting with their debut album. The material on this album is very lightweight, even in comparison with other works by the Alan Parsons Project.

The opening creates an interesting atmosphere, but by the third similarly soft rock song in a row, this album cries out for a rocker. Even the vocals sound like Elton's! Hyper-Gamma-Spaces - The Alan Parsons Project - Pyramid is so horrible that it hurts my brain! Skip this one unless you want to go seriously insane! Hyper-Gamma Spaces is an instrumental that could have been a theme song to some cartoon.

The last Hyper-Gamma-Spaces - The Alan Parsons Project - Pyramid is a symphonic ballad, decent but rather forgettable. As always with the Project, this album is very well-produced and overall very well-crafted. But that is not enough to make a good album. Only for fans and collectors this one. Anyway, the music of Pyramid is, as usual for APP's all works, coming from a concept: the pyramids, its supposed secrets and the fascination men always had about them through the centuries.

The lyrics are quite interesting and the music around them is very sophisticated prog pop. It is hard to label APP's music at least at this point, since the songs, arrangements and lyrics were too elaborated to be simplified as pure pop and are also too melodic for some progheads. Still, maybe tht's exactly were its appeal lies: they were certainly quite unique and had not dated with time.

As someone mught have guessed by AP's works, his production in a work Hyper-Gamma-Spaces - The Alan Parsons Project - Pyramid art on itself. Do you know the lyrics for this track? Add lyrics on Musixmatch. Don't want to see ads? Upgrade Now. Scrobbling Paradise In Gazankulu - Various - Sanremo 89 International when Last.

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The group is well known for its concept albums, which cover themes such as Edgar Allan Poe, Gaudi, and Freud. Eric Woolfson wrote most of the music and lyrics while Alan Parsons overviewed the production process.

Prior … read more. The group is based on a number of regular… read more. The Dis n Land - Carike Keuzenkamp - Ek Sing. is based on a number of regular group members such as Stuart Elliot and Ian B… read more.

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What goes up, must come down What must rise, must fall And what goes on in your life Is writing on the wall. What goes up, must come down What must stand alone? And what goes on, in your mind Is turning into stone. How can you be so sure? How do you know what the earth will endure? And I, could easily fall from grace Then another would take my place For the chance to behold your face. As the sun turns slowly around the sky Till the shadow of night is high The eagle will learn to fly.

And the days of his life are but grains of sand As they fall from your open hand And vanish upon the land. And so, with no warning, no last goodbye In the dawn of the morning sky The eagle will rise again. I had read Somewhere in a book, they improve all your food and your wine It said, that everything you grow in your garden would taste pretty fine Instead, all I ever get is a pain in the neck and a Yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap.


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    The title ‘Hyper-Gamma-Spaces’ came from Eric’s brother Richard, who is a mathematician and whose Doctoral Thesis carried this title. Eric felt it sounded a little bit Pink Floyd like which appealed to Alan and seemed to match the electronics that Alan had programmed as the basis for the track.

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