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Infrared - The Groove (Original Pass) - Various - The Worlds Greatest Club Mix 2008

Download Infrared - The Groove (Original Pass) - Various - The Worlds Greatest Club Mix 2008

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La Discotek. La Discotek by D Ramirez. At Night. At Night by Dave Spoon. Education Vocal Remix. Education Vocal Remix by Hoxton Various - Grand Hitovi 2. This Is Not Miami. Insatiable by Mark Knight featuring Katherine Ellis. In My Heart. In My Heart by Ethan. Drop It. Drop It by Audio Bully's. Electric Disco D Ramirez Remix.

Homeboys Cry Out For More. Haunting Original Mix. Washing Up Tiga Mix. Crunch by Richard Dinsdale and Mark Knight. Storm Breaks. Storm Breaks by My Digital Enemy.

Music Loud. Music Loud by Tocadisco. Mandarine Girl. Mandarine Girl by Booka Shade. The Fugitive. The Fugitive by Justin Martin. Acid Punch. Acid Punch by Infrared - The Groove (Original Pass) - Various - The Worlds Greatest Club Mix 2008 Vallee. Red Hot. Consequences Orginal Vocal Mix. Like you could totally see him eating a person, but with good table manners, like some badly written Ann Rice vampire novel.

Drag Queen of the Damned. Tony couldn't help but sneak peaks at the Demon Lord when he thought he wasn't looking. At least cars were invented and the pyramids stood. An eternity of afterlife would be too dull without my stuff. It goes back many a generation in his father's family! You'd do well to respect that fact!

Which, yes Sailor Moon Steve is not going to poison a little girl. They were the good guys the last time he checked, though he doubted even Loki would stoop so low to poison a child. Sailor Moon continued Infrared - The Groove (Original Pass) - Various - The Worlds Greatest Club Mix 2008 watch Clint and Natasha, ignoring Tony completely.

They're piloting. He has never even seen this before. He must think Clint…Oh god Clint! I almost forgot the lover's comment between him and Loki. And bed clothes! The guy is an unintentional riot. If he had Youtube back in his era of huts and basic cable, he would've totally had a channel with millions of subscribers. Hell, I'd be his first one. He gets pulled out of whatever Demon Lords do in their spare time, probably eating skulls, to five hundred years in the future and then immediately attacked by technology he doesn't understand, controlled by people thinking he was someone else and his daughter ward?

Rin gets sick and now he is stuck in a sweaty, almost sausage fest of a plane ride And he didn't even know planes existed.

He is mellow to the max, and we are a big bag of dicks. It's Infrared - The Groove (Original Pass) - Various - The Worlds Greatest Club Mix 2008 form on our part, and you're right, Clint probably does need a shower. Thrown into you. Picked last in dodgeball growing up? Pan hands? So he does Infrared - The Groove (Original Pass) - Various - The Worlds Greatest Club Mix 2008 emotions! I'd like apologize as well. In America, where um, you are now, what we did is frowned upon.

We shouldn't have just assumed you were Loki. We didn't even give you a chance to state your peace. Even though you're, a Demon, and we've all be taught Demons are evil. This isn't how I like to operate. Tony released a breath he didn't notice he was holding when Sesshomaru's gaze stopped boring into him and languidly rolled over to regard Cap. Tony figured there was more to this than he thought. Steve didn't look convinced, his biceps were still bulging all 'imminent threat' like. As proof, I will spare the life of the huntress Romanoff who soiled my garment.

Soiled his garment?! She Infrared - The Groove (Original Pass) - Various - The Worlds Greatest Club Mix 2008 you! He heard Clint and Bruce laugh. It's a bet. Having trouble breathing. Someone shoot him. Clint, I take it back, shoot him! I do not state falsehoods. He will arrive. Steve looked like they were about to do something but the shock and speed of it all took him by surprise. He means no offense! Please refrain from harming my fellow Avengers! Sesshomaru responded with a dull gaze.

Damn, this better not leave a bruise. I do not need TMZ thinking I have an asphyxiation kink. Again' Tony rubbed his neck, plotting his revenge on the newcomer Sailor Moon.

Maybe he should have Jarvis test the Demon Lord's dodging capabilities. I don't like humans much, but you aren't a human. Is Choices - Brian Bromberg - Choices food?

Tony didn't know what she was talking about. He Displaced : Replaced - Fog, Light Wind - Natasha Barrett - Isostasie read Japanese, sure.

But, his listening comprehension was a bit spotty outside the basic phrases of 'tie me up', 'harder, faster', and 'thank you Mr. I call him Son of Taisho because of his father. A truly grand Demon Lord! We were very bereaved when he was slain. And you shall most promptly discover that the mortals you find yourself in the company of are most pleasant as are their refreshments and pastries. We shall feast when we arrive!

That's nifty. So, you're the only one who can understand her. Do like, Demons also have this all-speak? Do not underestimate our intellect and power! Did Coachella eat two people and make a staff with their heads? Tony wondered if the modelling gig in Tokyo he has stumbled upon when Fury had her shadow him was actually legit. Hell, Sailor Moon could model, he has cheekbones that could cut concrete.

Tony noticed that Sesshomaru either had completely zoned out or was slowly being bored to death. Your friends are weird, and they better not make Sesshomaru angry again! Thor laughed and Tony hated being left out of jokes. What do you do in your spare time? Flower arrangements? Fly fish? Rin nodded and smiled brightly. Alright, outdoorsy types, makes sense it's not like she had a Wii. Sesshomaru merely looked away, as if pretending to act innocent. Like hell this guy was innocent of anything.

They enjoyed a comfortable silence for a good eight minutes before surprisingly Sesshomaru broke it. Tony grinned like a Cheshire cat. Tit for tat. He knew he could get this guy to talk. Tony could barely refrain from asking what his hair care regimen was. Probably the tears of his enemies and soon to be happy meals. It's a clean energy reactor. It ensures that the shrapnel near my heart doesn't shred me to bits. I'm a genius, it's a pretty awesome, don't mean to brag too much.

Usually people were all 'Oh Tony, can you take off your shirt so I can see it better?! Sesshomaru nodded slowly. Tony could not believe it. His arc reactor was nothing like some jewel! I did not bedazzle myself. Maybe you should get some earrings to match. I can inquire from which market he made the purchase if you would like!

Thor would do it too. This arrogant Demon Lord just turned what was arguably his best invention, and coolest thing ever into a damn piece of jewelry. He was not the 'Pretty Pretty Princess board game' damnit! Tony wished he had just gone solo to New Mexico, but no, he just had to get drunk one night and tell Natasha all about the magic detector he created. Of course, Fury was at his door the next morning asking for it. Thus, the super-secret boy band had assembled again.

My turn. What is your goal? I never met a Demon Lord before so, gotta ask. World domination? Beauty contest? Enslavement of all humanity? Sesshomaru put a finger to his lips thoughtfully and eyes went to the up and left.

Tony found himself on the edge of his seat. Tony face-palmed. You know what I meant. No evading, answer the real question! He felt his ears get hot, this guy irritated him to no end. It is no fault Infrared - The Groove (Original Pass) - Various - The Worlds Greatest Club Mix 2008 my own you did not pose the question you desired to ask.

Tony obviously knew that, his Iron Mans suits practically matched his eyes perfectly. Tony rolled his eyes, great we had to go into idioms and slang again. He should have charged Steve and Thor for swag lessons. I know this one. In this instance Tony is speaking of you two being so close of friends you may as well be brothers.

He may have the answer you seek Son of Stark. So, Sailor Moon and Reindeer Games were like old partners in crime. Explains a lot, both arrogant, irritating and dress like they're vying for best costume at Comic-con.

Sailor Moon though definitely has the intimidating death glare down, and Bambi the maniacal laugh. They could be the perfect villains for some obscure comic Infrared - The Groove (Original Pass) - Various - The Worlds Greatest Club Mix 2008. Pissed again. Hold the phone you and Loki are friends!?

Tony, only because he helped design the damned things, knew it wasn't enough to send the plane into a death-spin, but he knew the others may not know that fact.

Piss off the rage monster Clint, that will help your issues. Tony watched as Sesshomaru looked around the jet. Tony then flashed back to logic. Of course. It's not like this guy was friends with Loki three years ago. She was probably about to strangle him because whenever Clint thought of Loki he didn't think logically. Clint was still pretty sore about the brainwashing even though it was almost three years ago. His mood on the ground showed it. I ask you one and you can ask one of me.

Tony took that as a 'Hell yes Tony Stark, pinnacle genius of the 21st century' agreement. The Quinjet isn't that cool, I should show him my G6. The G6 as better seats, and a full bar' Tony smirked, blood tingling for a scotch. Tony didn't know if sex acts contributed to something he saw, or didn't see coming.

We also Infrared - The Groove (Original Pass) - Various - The Worlds Greatest Club Mix 2008 on subjects of tactics, strategy, swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat and artistry. Tony was a bit slack jawed, three hundred and forty years!? These two were more than just friends; it sounds like a bromance.

They were 'Lord of The Ringsing' it for almost as long as America was a country! How wonderful! Tony and the others, excluding Natasha and Thor, had no idea what she said. Yet, Tony could tell she felt nothing but pride and wonder. This little girl really thought this guy hung the moon. Well, he did have one on his forehead. Thor's brow furrowed in thought and Tony caught it. Was this a sore subject for Point Break?

Sesshomaru shot a glare towards Clint in retaliation. Natasha turned her head to Clint almost in a warning stance. You don't mind me asking? Tony almost forgot about the green machine.

Tony had to admit, he looked good for a five-hundred-year old skull eater. Tony immediately forgot why he was annoyed, and instead focused on the reaction he Infrared - The Groove (Original Pass) - Various - The Worlds Greatest Club Mix 2008 to get from 'Mr. Sword Dechparáda - Incurable / Škoda 120 - Incurable / Škoda 120 The Stone'.

You matured so quickly! When we first crossed swords you appeared to be aged no more than fifteen human years! You now look much older! Was Sailor Moon that much agile than he Infrared - The Groove (Original Pass) - Various - The Worlds Greatest Club Mix 2008 You are five hundred years in the future, on a different continent, in a…a jet you've never even seen before, with five strangers who you never met Spectral Birth - The Turbulence who attacked you with weapons you didn't know existed before.

To top it off the Harry Potter to your Hermione Granger is imprisoned for war crimes and you don't have a single pertinent question?! He had no questions?! Who was this guy?! Was he being coy on purpose? Tony heard Natasha snort from the front seat. Tony clenched and unclenched his fists and he heard Bruce chuckle. What was he laughing at? This wasn't a joke! He even reached his hand out to her like she would actually do his dirty work for him. Well, maybe she did, but she didn't seem to be entertaining the thought tonight.

It has been a while since we have all congregated has it not friends?! Hollow Void - Solution 13 - Solution 13 had indeed been a quiet thirty-three months.

I've been itching to do anything, fight for something. Iron Man was simply not meant to patrol the streets looking for a simple liquor store robbery or making promotional appearances. I didn't create so many suits just to keep my nightmares at bay. Defensively at what, or who he wasn't sure. It's nice to be all together fighting for a common purpose again. Tony had collaborated with him sporadically across the past two years, but the ever-private Rage Monster had often left secretly for months at a time.

Did someone make potato salad?! You have my thanks! It has been too long for our reunion" Thor put his hand up in a high five motion and Sesshomaru looked at him as if he had grown a second head. Midguardians have a custom called a 'high five'. It involves slapping hands when a victory is achieved or an unexpected great event occurs! Sailor Moon, if Ou Sitan Sexy - Dr Madmun And Mellow (17) - X-mas Night Freaknics cared for Thor's frat, didn't seem like he wanted to pledge it.

Sesshomaru would probably cut his hair before doing one. Also, he had an inkling that the Demon Lord was vain about his long hair. She giggled and danced in a satisfied jig. It was like an Apple ad if they had iphones. He does not find it a suitable use of his time and effort! Tony really wanted to ask what it was, but he was Sil Num Tao (Plastic Pervert Remix (Freq Nasty Edit)) - Freq Nasty - Sil Num Tao terrified of the answer he would get.

He could tell the heads looked human enough…but still…seriously?! He reminds me a little of Uncle Inuyasha! Tony could instantly tell by his demeanor he got stressed. Tony had no idea who Inuyasha was but took note to ask him at some point. Rin stuck her tongue out at Frogman. Tony rubbed his goatee in thought. This could get tricky, Fury gets nosey. Oh, poor Clint, it's not like anyone held a gun to his head to come. That nothing was found and that my brother is still imprisoned.

Tony rolled his eyes. Like that would satisfy Fury, world greatest bullshit detector. Tony would know. He will know are lying even if Miss Black widow 'spydar' herself tells him Infrared - The Groove (Original Pass) - Various - The Worlds Greatest Club Mix 2008 was wonky. He would know we found someone or some people. Fury would demand answers, first of all knowing what a Demon Lord is, what he is doing here, and what his intentions are.

Especially his intentions and he is innocent. Not arc reactor brooch, jewel thing, but a reactor. Comfort always flooded his senses when he tapped it. Anything Loki related he is going to want blood. Hell, the world would want blood. They'd riot if this got out. You know how much he trusts me anything Loki related. Tony suppressed a chuckle barely. Loki's magic is not only unique to Loki, but to his mother and the distant realm King Odin, and perhaps others. Bedclothes, report to your commander that you have transported your quarry to Storm God for personal interrogation since you determined he not of this realm.

Maybe he wasn't just for show after all. We just tell him we found someone that wasn't a hostile. Wait did you just call me bedclothes?! Stark play up that ankle burn. Rogers only mention one person at the site. Natalie bring the Quinjet to Stark Tower. Fuck if Fury is going to come barging down my door, my security is tighter than your spandex. And nothing is tighter than my spandex.

Infrared - The Groove (Original Pass) - Various - The Worlds Greatest Club Mix 2008reinvigorated, have Thor a good pat on the shoulder. Surprise floods me that it was used for travelling though time. I must consult the Allfather about this, and why you feel of Loki's magic.

Tony noticed Sesshomaru had pursed his lips. I got Loki's bad attitude magic signature all over you like a bad suit…or kimono, but underneath it all, I have your energy signature. Did Loki have a thing for boas? His crimson eyelids fell like curtains and for a moment he looked tired. He exhaled through his nose and Infrared - The Groove (Original Pass) - Various - The Worlds Greatest Club Mix 2008 his eyes at Tony, expression masked.

I do not own any characters in this fic: they are the property of Marvel Comics and Rumiko Takahashi. Sesshomaru smelled the stench and heard the commotion of large city before they came upon it, even over the roar of the flying device. His sensitive ears were unaccustomed to the clamor of this new realm. Sesshomaru tensed, the amount of human energies and auras he sensed staggered him. He could not feel any youki at all. Were all of the here Demons in hiding?

Were they all decimated? Did the Demon exterminators, monks and priestesses wipe out all the Demons in this Vision Of Life (Maxi Version) - Down Low - Vision Of Life Sesshomaru didn't voice any questions ricocheting in his mind.

He noted as well that Thor said nothing, maybe he didn't know. Maybe he wanted to wait to Meeting In My Bedroom (Radio Edit) - Silk - Meeting In My Bedroom him what happened to his kind. Sesshomaru monitored Jaken, he knew all too well that the Kappa was rattled, uneasy and frightened.

Sesshomaru had to keep his resolve intact to preserve his retainer's morale. Though Sesshomaru rarely acknowledged it, Jaken's unwavering loyalty, although at times grating, aided him through dark times. He would ensure that he would not fall victim to any undue mistreatment from these humans.

It's one of the best metropolises in world! It's the city that never sleeps! Obviously trying to win Sesshomaru over with conversation. I will never understand your kind. I bought us the night but by tomorrow is gonna try Rock (2017) - Flipp - Flipp 20th Anniversary Platinum Edition kick down your door Tony.

Sesshomaru wondered how fearsome their commander was to inspire such a reaction out of his subordinates. He realized that whoever this was, he was admirable indeed. Surely they believe not that their commander could harm me, the inverse must be true. He can huff and he puff but he won't blow my house down. He'll get his after we get ours. Bruce's eyebrows shot up in what could have been easily interpreted as an implied threat but didn't say anything when he observed the silver haired demon Lord didn't even flinch.

Bruce deducted something must be distracting him, or he figured out ignoring sixty percent of what Tony said was a sound strategy. It's almost sunset anyway. Sesshomaru noted, yet again, these humans were utilizing terms and Infrared - The Groove (Original Pass) - Various - The Worlds Greatest Club Mix 2008 he had no familiarity with.

Or was Stark truly Barton's father? He doubted it as much. It was becoming tiresome, but Sesshomaru had other larger issues, such as why Thor and even the armored man Stark could detect Loki's magic on him when he could not. The scent of the magic gate had long since left him, and as he recalled in the past the magic gate was not Loki's magic.

All Sesshomaru wanted was peace but he was clustered thick in a metal flying bird with a band of useless humans and an oblivious Storm God.

I swear I don't look like him, and never hit heroin. Rin never pouted. Sesshomaru frowned, so she too harbored a dislike for their new found surroundings. Ah-Un will be reunited with you. He too wished to see his valued steed again.

Sesshomaru knew Rin needed sustenance, hopefully in this realm they provide nourishment that is better than that horrid red potion. As Rin went on to describe the two headed dragon to Thor, and perhaps to an Infrared - The Groove (Original Pass) - Various - The Worlds Greatest Club Mix 2008 Romanoff, Sesshomaru attempted to a tactic to distract Thor and his band of humans so he could convene privately with Loki later, first he would have to scout the surrounding area that this fortress occupied.

My vote is Lost in Translation. It has Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson in it. It's them going through an adjustment period in Tokyo. It sounds kind of Infrared - The Groove (Original Pass) - Various - The Worlds Greatest Club Mix 2008plus there is a lot of Japanese in it so Rin can watch it. Shouldn't it be something more kid oriented? When her big bad Demon Lord daddy decided to get into a five on one fight she pumped her fist and said go get em.

She is no stranger fights. He had not realized that the huntress had been listening to Rin so carefully, he doubted it was due to some maternal instinct. You don't mind us setting this down on the tower do you Stark? Sesshomaru reflexively lengthened his claws.

The sounds that reverberated in his skull were maddening in conjunction with the plane engines. He couldn't even tell what they were. Chatter, other devices, screeches and banging. He set his jaw as they landed. As they disembarked, Jaken and Rin's eyes bugged out of their heads and Sesshomaru's blanked out. They had never seen anything like it. Sesshoumaru's ears twitched. Cold white, yellow, red and blue lights flared both harsh and soft across horizon. Monoliths and towers stabbed straight, blunt and true from the earth.

They thrusted to the sky as if to punch it for its existence. The twilight hour Evil Ways - Santana - The Best Of Santana the scene look like something from the underworld, both awe inspiring and devastating at the same time.

The dying sunlight refracted off the structures making them gleam as if afire. The air smelt of tar, smoke, metal and humans. It scratched the insides of his nose and he nearly sneezed. He could hardly smell any trees, grasses, animals or fresh soil. Even the water smelled tainted.

He knew his sense of smell would be nearly useless in this place, so he closed off the sense with his youki temporarily. We are doomed! Rin stood silent, fists clenched. The humans Infrared - The Groove (Original Pass) - Various - The Worlds Greatest Club Mix 2008 surely succeeded in corrupting and destroying this realm.

This is what the industrial revolution gets you. Clearly you guys got some catching up to do, but I can give you some manuals. Welcome to the pinnacle of five hundred years' technology and progress! And you're about to see the best part! Stark Tower! I promise I won't disobey Jaken anymore. Sesshomaru, in an uncommon display of affection, placed a clawed hand gently on her head, massaging her tangled hair gently.

Sesshomaru meant the words he said, but he felt his stomach knot. Is this your effect on all women or just the ones you're trying to impress? Sesshomaru then realized all the muscles in his body were bow-string taught and released them one muscle group section by one. It takes some getting used to but it's not that scary. Sesshomaru followed, not wanting to subject his senses, especially his ears, to more assault.

The rest followed suit, leaving Stark on the rooftop. Barton, Thor, Mr. Rogers and Dr. I detect three previously unidentified persons, neither listed as hostile nor friendly.

He spread both of his arms in a protective stance for Rin and Jaken. His hands glowed a fearsome, deadly green from his toxin and his talons were long and sharp while his face remained stony. His blue youki surged like a wave and his ears lowered. I sense no life presence for this voice! Jarvis is not going to eat you. Jarvis, classify these guys as friendlies. He has no corporeal form! He is a bodiless incarnation. Let's order some pizza, please for the love of God?!

Oh Sailor Moon, you probably don't know pizza but you're going to love it. The Beat Is Rockin'. Erick E. Make Your Move Dare Me.

Dave Armstrong. Couldn't Love You More. Grzegorz Ochman. Robot Needs Oil. My Narny. Daniel Castles. Glitched Out. Dom Kane. Don Diablo. This Town. Grace of God. One Hit Wonders. Take Me Away.

Michael Jackson. Track Listing - Disc 2. Freak Me. Sam Ball. Change Works. Olivier Raymond. Late Night Worries. Booty Bar. Christian Hoff. Hold You.

Feel Like Dancin'. Lose Control. Queen Bee. Matt Schwartz. The Drill. Thomas Ingamells. Ingo Starr.


Company - A2* - My Sound, The Break-In - Brian Tyler - Paparazzi (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Youre So Much A Part Of Me (Album Version) - Various - Crossover Flavas (When Northern Soul Met Dis, Lisa Dagli Occhi Blu - Unknown Artist - 28 Top-Hits À Gogo, Now I Know Your Love - Chynna* & Vaughan* - One Reason, Nothing Can Stop Us (Lionrock Mix) - St. Etienne* - Casino Classics, Cheikh Ibra Fall - Youssou NDour - Egypt, Degas Racing World - Terence Blanchard - Jazz In Film, В Твоих Глазах - Various - Не Fmормат, Pay 2 Life - Breez Evahflowin* - As He Goes On..., Black And White - Kim Carnes - Lighthouse, Social Scene - Taurean - Demo, Vision Of Life (Maxi Version) - Down Low - Vision Of Life, Bjørn Alterhaug - Moments, Les Trois Cloches - Edith Piaf - Edith Piaf

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