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The Young Ones - This Ones 4 The Young Hearted

Download The Young Ones  - This Ones 4 The Young Hearted

Norrie Paramor. Nothing's Impossible. Lessons in Love. All For One. Peace Pipe. Lionel Bart. Vaudeville Routine. The Savage. We Say Yeah! Spotify Amazon. The Young Ones Norrie Paramor. Peace Pipe Lionel Bart. The Savage Norrie Paramor. And with some of the set ups wilfully contrived, it can be something of a shock to take in, the thoughtful and often innovative series replaced, if only for a week, by something On The Beach At Worthing - Attila The Stockbroker - Tues - July 4th - The Rivoli hollow and crowdpleasing.

Bambi's a decent episode and contains some laughs, but its reputation as the Young Ones episode detracts, when it becomes clear the makers didn't realise the true value of everything they threw away to make it. A man with hair over his face sits, sometimes in full view, and wasn't noticed, it seems, before the age of the internet. Although this character is perhaps most prominent in Demolition sitting just behind the chair before "Nozin' Aroun'" comes onhe's even centre frame during the opening of Boring.

Here it seems as if this character gets a resolution, as a body briefly floats past the window as Rick and Vyvyan argue about a submarine in the wake of London flooding.

Whether it is the same character remains to be seen, but it gives a nice macabre ending to the tale. With the series recorded almost entirely on videotape, incidentally, then the quality of the picture hasn't been particularly well preserved. Look out here for a distortion on the video tape in the The Horseride (radio edit) - Martyr Lucifer - Shards where Rick is pinned to a door before Neil opens it.

Although it was regarded as an innovation that even most of the location footage was also shot on tape, it does mean the series, while watchable, hasn't stood up that well as an artefact, and scenes placed on pause for screen captures do have a distinct "fuzzy" look, which explains why a lot of the images in this article look like they were taken from fourth generation, off-air video copies, despite the fact that they were all taken from the DVD release.

Overall, Flood is a decent episode, though ranks last out of the first series as it doesn't perhaps have the pace and energy of the other shows. This slightly "flat" feeling isn't helped by it being the only episode not to feature a music act, but instead a The Young Ones - This Ones 4 The Young Hearted tamer. This was reputedly so the budget could be increased as a "light entertainment" budget, and so they could have two days in studio instead of one, but Lise Mayer remembers it as being a desire from the writing side.

That attempt to generate "shock value" is met here, with an episode where Vyvyan thinks he's pregnant, only for it to be wind. It's pretty artless stuff for the show, even though there are some of the more memorable moments in the series, such as the "letter to a bank manager" scene. It's hard to know where the programme would have gone from here. Rik spoke of Bachelor Boysa spin-off book, as being "in a sense" the third series, as it contained all-new material.

Hysterical as a teenager, it probably doesn't stand up that well today, but then that's symptomatic of many things The Young Ones - This Ones 4 The Young Hearted amused at a young age. While the series ended with their deaths, this wouldn't be an obstacle to them being resurrected, as series two dropped the express continuity - Cash ends with the characters and house blown up, only to return the following week unscathed. A resurrection of sorts happened with a No.

Although for charity, it's hard to watch today, the characters reduced even further into sweary, playground-pleasing caricature. One way in Cash really excels is in the cutaways. The Young Ones - This Ones 4 The Young Hearted attributed to Lise Mayer as a whole, while the puppet elements can seem quite childlike for an adult comedy series, there's one of the better ones with the two dogs picturedand also a string of memorable interruptions to the narrative, including a parody of the "Think once.

Think twice It was Alexei Sayle who pointed out that the writers didn't realise they could jump time when they were writing series one, which is why most of the first series episodes are set almost in real time, and why Oil makes such a big deal of the jumps in time it features.

According to Jackson, the finished project was met with complete disbelief by the BBC, but the recent arrival of Channel 4 led the broadcaster to air what had been created a week after its opening night, on 9 November. To help make it stand out, the group opted to combine traditional sitcom style with violent slapsticknon-sequitur plot turns, and surrealism.

These older styles were mixed with the working and lower-middle class attitudes of the growing s alternative comedy boom, in which all the principal performers except Ryan had been involved. This was a device used to qualify the series for a larger budget, as "variety" shows attracted higher fees than "comedy" at the time.

The programme focuses on the lives of four undergraduate students, all of whom share a house in squalid condition, while attending studies at the fictional Scumbag College [2] - aggressive punk and medical student Vyvyan Basterd Adrian Edmondson ; conceited wannabe anarchist and sociology student Rick Rik Mayall ; oppressed, The Young Ones - This Ones 4 The Young Hearted hippieand peace studies student Neil Wheedon Watkins Pye Nigel Planer ; and suave, charming, would-be underground mob boss, Mike "The-Cool-Person" Christopher Ryan.

In addition Goodbye Horses (Single Edit) - Psyche - Club Salvation the students, the episodes also feature appearances from the Balowski family, the head of whom acts as the group's landlord Alexei Saylewho also appeared in the role of occasional independent characters such as a Mussolini -lookalike Police Chief. The content of the episodes could be classified as a comedy of manners[10] because of its take on British culture, political climate and social backgrounds during the s.

A particular example of this is the second series use of " flash frames " in each episode, to mock the public's fear of subliminal messages in television and music. The Young Ones featured five main cast members, each with a specific role on the programme as listed below:.

Alongside the main cast, the programme also featured a variety of guest appearances, including comedians, actors and singers, who each took on the role of a supporting character in an episode's plot or cutaway elements. In Cataloniapublic broadcaster TV3 began airing the show in February on a Sunday evening slot.

The show became very popular and got several re-runs in successive years. Indeed, inNigel Planer appeared in a show involving foreign travellers visiting Catalonia. One of the characteristics of the Catalan dubbing is that Vyvyan speaks with a thick Catalan rural accent, totally opposed to his urban environment in the series. Throughout the series there are many references to Richard, as Mayall's character is a devout fan. The theme over the end credits was written by Peter Brewiswho also created the incidental music on many episodes.

Inafter the second series, Planer in character as Neil reached No. Eleven of the twelve episodes had a musical guest performing in the house or street.

By including the groups, the show qualified as variety rather than light entertainment by the BBC and was allocated a bigger budget than a sitcom. The one episode that featured no musical act still fulfilled the variety criteria by including a lion tamer whose presence also directly contributed to the plot.

Some of these performances were omitted from DVD release for copyright reasons. Some musical acts were also edited out for similar reasons on some satellite reruns. On the DVD release, all the music acts are restored uncut. In the first six episodes of the series, a person whose hair covers their face appears in the background of some scenes, such as to the left Miracles - Jefferson Starship - Red Octopus Neil gets hit by Vyvyan with a kettle in " Bomb ".

In Just One More Day - Otis Redding - In Person At The Whisky A Go Go episode Demolition he appears slumped against the back wall when Rick is watching TV.

These rumours of a mysterious fifth housemate have been the subject of fan speculation on the internet. In journalist Peter Farquhar sent members The Young Ones - This Ones 4 The Young Hearted the cast and crew email enquiries about this unnamed character. Writer Ben Elton replied saying "I have no idea what you are talking about I'm afraid During an event at the Bristol Slapstick FestivalAde Edmondson was asked about the fifth housemate during an audience Wiped-Out - Kiss, Ace Frehley - Ace Frehley session The Young Ones - This Ones 4 The Young Hearted named the person playing the 'fifth housemate' as his university friend Mark Dewison.

Mark also played a speaking The Young Ones - This Ones 4 The Young Hearted as Neil's friend also called 'Neil' during series one episode " Interesting ". He emerges from Vyvyan's full vacuum cleaner bag and ends up being shoved into the fridge by Rick. In an exclusive documentary How the Young Ones Changed Comedy [20] that aired in on Goldseries co-writer Lise Mayer stated that the idea was there had been a party at the student house at some point in the past and there was a person who had just never left.

This is why you see them just hanging around. Although the series was set in north Londonmany external scenes were filmed in The Young Ones - This Ones 4 The Young Hearted namely the suburb of Bishopstonwhere the student house is situated at the top of Codrington Road. All four characters attended the fictional Scumbag College. As Neil sometimes wore a University of London T-shirt, it seems likely that Scumbag is one of the University of London's constituent colleges, although they were never seen attending the institution and were rarely seen studying.

The end of the series was not the last appearance of The Young Ones. Alexei Sayle was not involved, as he felt collaborating with Richard was against the alternative ethos of the show, but had already achieved chart success in with " 'Ullo John! Gotta New Motor? Musical direction was by Canterbury scene keyboardist Dave Stewart. The program became a cult hit in the United States after MTV began broadcasting edited versions of the episodes during the summer of At the Comic Relief stage shows, The Young Ones performed "Living Doll" live following a short skit which involved Rick doing a comic song about showing his underwear and bodily parts, before being ejected from the group by Mike, The Young Ones - This Ones 4 The Young Hearted Vyvyan supposedly having backstage sex with Kate Bush with Neil as his contraceptive.

The skit climaxed with Neil claiming Cliff Richard could not perform with them as he was "doing time" the musical Time The Young Ones - This Ones 4 The Young Hearted premiering the following week and John Craven had been booked as a replacement, only for Cliff to then appear. However he was only available to appear on the second night of the run, with Bob Geldof replacing him on The Young Ones - This Ones 4 The Young Hearted other two nights.

Ryan, for his part, was regularly recruited to play roles on associated series such as Happy FamiliesBottom and Absolutely Fabulous. Mayall, Edmondson and Planer have also appeared in episodes of Blackadder.

Both series The Young Ones - This Ones 4 The Young Hearted repeated consecutively over twelve weeks in earlybut went unrepeated for four years, when the second series was shown on BBC2. In the mids all twelve episodes of The Young Ones were shown on BBC2 in a minute revised format, missing scenes Shore Leave - Tom Waits - Franks Wild Years (1987)/ Swordfishtrombones (1983) dialogue.

The series was also shown on digital channel UK Gold throughout the s. DVD releases were initially very basic: Only the US "Every Stoopid Episode" edition featured excerpts from existing documentaries, and no extra footage was included. Musical references proved difficult to clear so " The Sounds of Silence " one line and " Subterranean Homesick Blues " were excised from the US editions.

A new DVD release of all episodes "Extra Stoopid Edition" was launched in Novembercontaining new documentaries and two commentary tracks.


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