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Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty

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We assumed he was going back to you. Blending with civilian populaces isn't our strong suit; best to avoid only after one's proven his worth.

That is our temple's dogma. We have proven success by this. What he meant was that your assassin was probably removing himself from the soldiers, as taught, and to attain a good position with field of fire, and if possible, meditate, insert a food pack to his veins, clean and repair his weapon, and sleep half hour cycles.

Not that that matters, I want to know every single thing you ordered him to do in the bare three months he has been out of our eyes. We got tipped off about a Tauphile schism. Er, Tau sympathizers were fighting each other. Occupants were in the house, I ordered him to clear it. There was a family. Wouldn't affect him. He understands families to be the smallest and most informal squads, nothing more. He wouldn't care. There was a lie in his voice, even if it wasn't in his mind.

Some mon'keigh thug hired by one of their damned Inquisitors who wanted to be "enlightened" or to steal technology, just what she needed, "Why me? And he was very confused about it. Typical idiocy, these humans hadn't even explained the purpose to their henchmen. Guess that's what you get when you are so many with so short to live. And cease holding on to me. The most important thing at the moment was ensuring immobility. Her men would come soon, she could be evacuated easily, and this one human would.

Well, shouldn't you know that? I've felt it flash through soldier's minds. I was taught that was a common response, the call for a 'medic'. It replaces or supplements call of maternal member of the family squad, or paternal more rarely.

Nurture, healing, are associated with it. I am taught that if the shot is unclean, and the target Living In Exile - Raymond May - Unadulterated Addiction out of sight, all those who bear the common sign of a healer are to be shot," Taldeer stared, and Liivi stared down back at her, then, as if to explain, "To disable any chance of the Primary resuscitating and rendering the mission a failure.

The surf doesn't chop. The tide ebbs, insignificant, rising and falling, like the ocean was sleeping. Farseer Taldeer sits on the beach of tomorrow and in the Tyrea plains of Kronus. Three kilometers away, through the rough terrain, wraithbone psychoplastic bubbled as the last of the consecrated promethium burned off of the Bonesinger's arts. The webway was long Corrida De Toros - Lolita Sevilla - Torero Moods, reduced to shards as she had evacuated through it.

A mere kilometer under her, the presumed home of the necrons had turned quiet; for now at least. As she recalled, the nearest possible position of her battlegroup was at least fifteen kilometers away. And nine meters away was the human. He had knelt down, rolling out a plastic canopy which he laid his rifle down upon, and was cleaning it one handed. The other carried a pistol, straightening and pointing at the rustles of wind, and the far off thunder of ordnance. The face mask remained intently focused on the rifle the whole time.

Farseer Taldeer took out her runestones, and after a moment's contemplation, her shuriken pistol. She grabbed a handful of her dice, raising them to her spirit stone. She was injured, cut off from support, alone with Ich Liebe Dich - Moltostuhl* - Leben Und Sammeln self declared assassin.

Time to roll the bones. Nine rounds used. Eighteen remaining. Hellfire, turbo penetrator, and shieldbreaker ordnance, still in reserve. Movement at degrees. The arm holding the Exitus pistol snaps over by reflex, the third eye sight unable to clearly catch up. Primary was rolling dice. All of her equipment was beside her. She appeared to be dropping some sort of smaller equipment. The N20 coolant sheathe emits a small hiss as it slides over the barrel.

The Vindicare returns his pistol to the holster, replacing the magazines. Packing together and reassembling his rifle. They would be tracking him now.

The small electronic whine on his person told him as much. The terrain was rougher, the commander had chosen the battlefield to hem in the Eldar, force their hover vehicles to slow and show themselves above cover.

Made for a difficult time sending forces out of the base though. The Vindicare stood up, flicking through the spectra as he glances over a horizon purple, green, pigment streaked, ruined soup of black and white. The Superbs - It Hurts So Much / I Was Born When You Kissed Me concrete heat signature, atypical of a chimera half a kilometer away.

Vindicare doctrine taught that engagement with pursuers should never be undertaken when the targets knew where you were. Misdirection, Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twentyand dissolution were the three objectives when handling hostile trackers.

The Vindicare placed a fresh three round clip into his magazine, and stepped low among the long grasses, following the yellow white smear of thermal exhaust in the sky. Lukas took another gulp from the water, sweating from every pore, as the three Officio Assassinorum La-Dee-Da-Dee (We Like To Party) (Instrumental) - Park Slope - La-Dee-Da-Dee (We Like To Party) stood before his table, their poreless faces still.

Ardrin was to his left, pale and shivering, still suffering from the chemicals washed through him. Deploy the Aeronautica and carpet bomb the area. Break the Obsterm dams up north and deploy a third of your manpower salting, poisoning, and watching the plains flood that'll occur. All I have told you are guaranteed ways to eliminate your problem," Mildilv waved his hand, "Of course, we can wait for him to run out of ammo for his Exitus weapons, which would allow you to run normal operations without The Game Of Days - Jack Bosco - Hunters And Horses about officer heads popping, and then for him to run out of food.

He is incapable of social contact, and dependent upon the nutritional packs he has been indoctrinated to consume. He might well starve. Barring any civilian assistance, three weeks from now, you won't have to worry about him, if the Orks or Space Marines don't get him first. The chimera of the Imperial Guard is about as simple and reliable as a vehicle can get without it being pedal powered. Long lived chimeras in active use soon resemble their namesake, seeming mechanical abominations with piece after piece welded to them.

The hatches replaced by doors stolen Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty civilian buildings, hastily covered in metal roof sheeting. Jam Meh - The Ed-Ian Cartel* - Island Club off track pieces replaced with crudely fitted boiler plates. The machines would run unwell, sending the Techpriests and Enginseers into hysterical fits, begging forgiveness from the machine spirits, and repairing and replacing what they could identify and find at the parts depot.

But the older chimeras would get a slow mottled look over them, like a child mixing clays in a Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twentyit was impossible to separate metals and alloys at a basic level without rebuilding the whole thing. They wouldn't run well, but they would most certainly run. A chimera, as taught in vindicare doctrine, was a terrible headache to deal with. Tanks were less of a worry, as those deploying tanks against assassins were considered tactically inept, and the vindicare gained some honor in tying up valuable resources.

Height, urban combat, and tactical use of screens would put the tanks on even footing. A chimera on the other hand, could always be used. A sniper holed in a building, the chimera would bash into the ground floor, disgorging soldiers.

If the building collapsed, so what? There was always another chimera. No illumination, headlights shot out, smoke screening everything? Just drive. You'll find your way out eventually. As much as anything else the turbo penetrator round was developed to counter these situations. Two chimera crawled through the bush and over the hills and rocks, as the kilogram heavy, green banded bullet was placed in the chamber.

Commissar Daniel poked his head out of the hatch again. The tech guy had said the auspex picked up something coming closer. Should be in sight range. One MIA, and all this trouble. He hoped that this was really one huge birthdate surprise for one of the soldiers. So that he could then shoot whoever was responsible. The Commissar turned, squinting through the haze of heat at the long grass and lumpy excuse for terrain. A glint of something.

A man on every gun, and any gun that CAN shoot to the right, shoots! I want a wasteland I can name after myself, do you comprehend soldiers! A hailstorm of red stabs of coherent light obliterated the area and the rigged flint and rock that had provided the target. LIIVI holstered his pistol, creeping low through the grass, trying to get himself into a more advantageous position.

The soldiers relaxed, standing at ease, hands still holding the side mounted lasguns, venting excess steam outwards. Chimera 2, tell your squad to deploy and move in. Investigate the area. If there's a corpse, ID it, if there is isn't, bring me a corpse. It was a risk, yes. Taking a squad of soldiers out of a perfectly safe armored personnel carrier begged for snipers, traps, and a whole lot of corpses.

But that would betray targets. Feeling a bit like Ibram Gaunt, the commissar leaned in to the driver, "Stick as close to them as possible, if they bug out, move us out as quickly as possible, then get a bead on who fired on us, clear? The troops, true to form stayed close to the chimera, practically hugging the tread guard, sweeping in close, led by their Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twentyeyes peeled for mines or traps. The second chimera pulled up alongside the first, the guardsmen squeezed in between.

The Vindicare watched them, five hundred meters behind. The one at the front, one point six meters, was the leader, the paternal. A soldier from the back, covered in spare las cells, a tear still visible in his sleeve moved forward, with a little undue haste to exchange words. A man pointed at his boot, hopping forward on one leg, speaking out the side of his mouth.

The Commissar was next to the wall of the Beatbox Master - Logistics - Beatbox Master / Girl From Mars when he heard the squeal.

He fell immediately, laspistol to the ready, facing the wall. Maybe it was the adrenalin, or perhaps it was the initial charge of the rifle failing, and the drill bit activating, but somehow Daniel managed to watch a steel line, occasionally sending sparks and slivers of metal out, raise along the wall, ending somewhere just short of the drivers hatch, shorting out lights as it traveled along, shrieking.

In the dark, he heard the thumps and screams of the soldiers outside, the panicked revving as the driver slammed down the accelerator, the lurch to the right, equipment falling around them, then another, definite slam. Outside, the Vindicare watched through the scope, watching a track fly free, a joint broken by his shot, hanging for one brief moment before the driver hit the gas, sending the tread whipping at the crowd of soldiers.

The chimera lurched left, lacking pull, slamming into the other, doing mostly cosmetic damage, but serving the Vindicare's purpose. Screams, and a commissar and a crowd of soldiers leapt out, weapons brandished and at the ready. The rifle was slung, and low through the long grass, the assassin moved forward, pistol out.

The most immediate problem was restoring the squad's rationality, and calming them down before they panicked entirely. A quick glance proved what the commissar had initially thought. Gouges in the side of the chimera, severe damage to the soldiers, and a track torn off on his chimera. The first thing to do in any case is be the first man to set the example. Break out the rations? Clicking insects hopping across. Rustles of eighteen soldiers, rattled, going through the fields, rifles first.

A Commissar, standing between two chimeras wedged together, covered by two multilasers. One of the guardsmen falls with a sudden gasp. A powersword points, an order is given. A confused man, who had the wind knocked out of him by a thrown rock suddenly finds himself surrounded by red searing flashes. The Commissar, raising his laspistol, catches a glimpse of something sandy, black, darting ahead of him.

A pair of useless shots whiz Choosing You - Flesh For Lulu - Plastic Fantastic the undergrowth. Something whizzes by the Commissar's face. This is it, Daniel thought. Death or glory. The powersword crackles with death dealing life, as the commissar ran forward, the blade held aloft. He had to say something inspiring, he realized.

He runs into the grass, waving his blade around. A lack of mandibles and claws key him off that something's wrong. The grass catching fire is the second. They were spread apart, something had torn apart the chimeras, their leader had shouted something and disappeared, and now the grass was catching fire?

What could they do? The drivers only had Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty sense of mind to abandoned the crippled chimera, before they drove off, past the soldiers, relaying the panic and breaking of their unit to the base, heralding their failure and embellishing the story to seem as if they encountered an entire Ork WAAAAGH!

In their haste, they forgot the wounded. Private Gnaeus lay on his back, staring up at the patch of grey sky, rounded by black smoke. He was one of those wounded left behind- perhaps, he considered, the only one. Gnaeus rolled his head over, to a figure, hazy and blurred against the dark smoke, red flickering across its brow, fire licking away from its feet, ash swirling around it, "What does it mean? Who was he to argue importance with an angel of death?

A joke," far times, on Cadia. Guy I worked for always had a special time for Benzran Tea," the Reaper cocked his head at this, Gnaeus waited a moment, then launched on, feeling vaguely blasphemous, whispering through the pain.

Serene even during a war, so long as he got that hot flavored water of his. So me and my mate, we said, 'all's well so long as its tea time. Serene as a fatman and his cup. Guess bloodloss and brain damage is doing that more for me, huh? Gnaeus couldn't blame him.

Wouldn't seem proper, laughing at a dying man. Flakes of ash fell around the two, smoke drifting over them. The Vindicare considered this for a moment. He shrugged, bent down and took hold of a lasrifle, then reached over to pull two powerpacks from Gnaeus's pockets. Gnaeus for his part did not resist. The assassin rose, half turned, then paused.

The gray sky turned blue, even Golbelängdrömmar - Groupa - 15 Years the window narrowed as the smoke thickened, "Not yet. I don't want to die yet. His body was left still for a time, until eventually, uncertain hands reached over, turning the body to face up, folding the hands over its chest, and shutting the eye lids.

Imitation to last respects it had seen time and time again through the lens of his scope. Farseer Taldeer pursed her lips to suppress a grunt of pain as she probed at her wound. Blood crunched, as she dragged at more of the half crystalline clotting. Maybe I won't die yet, she thought, maybe first I'll turn into a crystal like the other old men. Make an interesting landmark for the Imperial colonists, she reflected bitterly.

Then, picked apart by mon-keigh for purposes of romancing each other. The runestones still lay, bounced across where they were. From time to time, her attention waned from her wounds to glance at them. The ground splits, the mouth smiles, the fall is good. Sweet fruit in dead mouths. The love of the enemy.

Walk through fire. For once, she wondered as she picked off the choice stone from the stone of the blind man seeing, wouldn't it be nice if they would say something like, enemy troop movements, allies position, things that would be practical? It was like being snuck up on by your own shadow.

She felt along the chin, seeking for the pins that held it in place. Taldeer for her part was doing her best to ignore him. Forgive me for desiring a little independence, but I'd rather not depend upon a sociopathic mon-keigh," she tapped her helm, "I'm going to need this. The Vindicare stepped forward, as Taldeer turned around slowly. The sky was turning darker by the moment, not that either Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty them would care, she mused.

Was he trying to intimidate her with his height? Well, she thought, gripping her spear, she was not about to be pushed around by something that hadn't even been born by the time she had killed someon.

The Vindicare reached forward, placing a Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty finger on the helmet. He pushed it slowly, ninety degrees. Taldeer raised her head, then glanced to the horizon, "Where do we go then Suppose you hadn't thought of that, did you? Since I have failed my original assignment, and as of yet the planet has not been secured, standard Imperial protocol concerning Xenos Farseers would result in-". She closed her eyes for a moment, and nodded. The dirt was dispersed, the shell casings buried, and the helmet left hanging from the wretched root that watched, the last drops of blood crystallizing upon it.

Mildilv leaned back in the chair, staring at the concrete ceiling. The fingers were wrapped around Alexander's eye and gently tugging before the pain hit his brain, and he was face to face with Mildilv's angry eyes set in the emotionless plastic face. You did more than just kill, maim, ruin, demoralize, or damage equipment and personnel, you have ARMED him. If he's using that, it's an improvement over that bleeding huge exitus.

Sure, degrees Celsius, we'll aim low," Mildilv scratched behind his ear, producing a small power pack, bits of fake flesh still hanging off of it. Well, usually. If you're lucky, there'll be a hole in your face for it to fly out of it, or maybe this thing'll disperse across the surface, frying the whole thing.

I suppose we won't know until the experiment is completed then, huh? The steel glowed red hot, forming a temporary bubble, before fading away. The lasrifle CAN be resisted by armor, a heavy scarf, or even a particularly bad case of fog. But sometimes it blows through both, in the case of lucky moments of inductive heat, using enough juice, or simple Grace of the Emperor.

However, an open joint," Mildilv set the barrel down, returning to his seat as the two face dead associates returned to their ranks behind him, "an exposed eye, a rough patchjob A rare feat for even the most accurate of marksmen, but a possibility. And he will never run out of ammo now. Please," Mildilv bit through his false lip, his teeth meeting with a hard click, looked up, and with trepidation in his eyes, "I'm going to have to tell the Inquisitor.

No, no, this is unfortunate, but I do not wish for this damnation on my soul. I managed to manipulate some Orks, that is true," Taldeer waved her hand in the air, "I can hardly do that again. Like the noise of UNIT XII: Dialog A - Ex.

A-1 - Unknown Artist - American English For Poles (Kurs Audiowizualny - Czę crashing into each other, the war thunder rolled through them. Softly shaking the ground. It will be done. A deep resonating cry echoed in the distance, as a rock whizzed end over end in inexpert circles over the heads of the pair.

The Inquisition of the Imperium of Man is quite possibly the most powerful organization across known space. By its whim, heresy is dictated. By its need, armies march.

By its judgment, planets burn. The Space Marines, undisputed, mighty warriors, the grandchildren of the Emperor of Man bow to the whims of the Inquisition, even if they do bite and champ at the bit.

What would have a man damned and executed for heresy the Inquisitors engage in. They are the unchallenged and ultimate authority. A horizontal river fell upon the ten thousand Liberators of Kronus stood to ranks, as the Valkyrie landed on the pad set before them.

Full dress, immaculate, even those imprisoned, all stood to their full attention. Not a one wished to be found wanting. Governor Militant Alexander stood in the front, waiting unwavering as the dropship settled down before him, whipping water into his eyes and coat.

He had to look good. Not just his own fate, but that of his world rested upon it. Cherubim fluttered out, carrying multilasers in their bellies, as the nine foot bulk of sacred, artifice armor stepped out. Gilded gold wrought across the ceramite plate, inscribed with prayers of benediction and psalms of wrath. At his waist hung a power sword, its wraithbone sheath clacking against the ceramite in the wind of the storm.

Lightning flashed, picking out the bionic eyes under the hood. He glanced behind him, as two figures appeared, a techpriest, and someone in a robe Who repulsed the Governor. The Inquisitor Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty across the assembled ten thousand veterans of the Kronus Liberators, and turned aside to walk to Alexander, who was frozen in terror.

He had felt this before, this terror that sapped at the very soul. The nausea grew as the abomination drew closer, maintaining a respectful step behind the Inquisitor. Lukas nodded, every hair standing on end, and turned to his Commissar, whispering in his ear, "Dismiss the men. The Commissar started bellowing out orders, as Lukas led the Inquisitor back to the command bunker, ruing the treachery of the Vindicare. Your life is forfeit if you breathe a word of this to anyone not cleared to know it, thought the Governor Militant.

He's heading towards a combat zone," murmured the Inquisitor, ceramite finger tracing the route of his assassin errant on the watch screens. First, as an Inquisitor, I know well the way the common man thinks; even if you DO save the men, and by some miracle they all survive, they shall criticize you for even leaving them in that situation, and I desire your administration to remain stable without any further scandal.

Second, I require that one of the most secret orders the Imperium has ever known to remain a secretand beyond that, that they can be corrupted must remain a secret. The baleful, flickering green glow immersed the inquisitor's Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twentyunder the red glow of the bionics. His fingers were playing with the handle of the bolt pistol.

Lukas stared at the Inquisitor, locking eyes best as he could and slammed his fist Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty on the comm button, "Ardrin! Tell Yoland to recall the men, and that I have I Like It - Le Jit - Legitimately Yours the order. Call out the Basilisks, Mouthed the Inquisitor. All of them. All of the basilisks. The sea was far off, in the horizon.

In the horizon, it was chopping, surf sloshing about, but above it was a storm, thunder and lightning wrapping around and around Un Homme Et Une Femme - Various - Oldies But Goodies CD 3 around This wasn't right.

She shouldn't be doing this, she wasn't looking ahead right now, to be sure, she could always feel the ebb and flow of fate running along her ankles in the back of her mind, but she shouldn't be seeing it unless she wanted to. She turned, and beheld the glittering dust of spirit stones.

Beneath a burning sun, they danced like embers above the bodies of eldar, common and noble, all with their hands plaintively in the air. The air, beset with gasps for breath and whispered pleas, as under their bodies, roiled the dark and cracked ground, flesh and blood growing under them, mouths spawning again and again, coiling like cancer across Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty over the bodies. The gasps became screams, and the whispers became cries for help.

Blood shot out in Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty like bullets, staining and stinging Taldeer's face. Drills of flesh and bone, rammed down, again and again in the mass, a sick Im Raving - Scooter - Jumping All Over The World of sexual congress.

One, a bonesinger was propped up, an organ set before her, as she was puppeteered to play to the scene, arms wrapped around hers, snapping softly like acorns under foot. Eyes grew like weeds, wrapping and rising, staring upon the grisly scene.

It waits, said a voice that managed to skip her ears. There's no one left, but you. The pink flesh moved on, rolling toward Taldeer, leaving broken, hollow, desecrated bodies, no two the same. They were maybe nine kilometers away from the Ork battlefront, when the Primary had passed out.

She had still walked seven steps more, but the sound of a quick slowdown of heartbeat, change in breathing, and missteps grated on the previous light footed rhythm that she had displayed. He caught her on step seven. Her black hair fell around his hands, as he carefully lowered her to the ground. He felt the minute stresses her breathing put upon her suit. The small strains her muscle went through, as she slowly fell into REM sleep, and her body relaxed control.

The warmth of her through his gloves. Her eyes, shut, her lips, twitching, whispering. He wasn't sure why, but he held her a little more tightly at that moment. For just one moment. Before lifting her to his arms, carefully, and moving on. When water started to pour from her tear ducts, he was six kilometers away. He didn't know Eldar could lacrimate. He glanced around, infrared spectrum. Some small pockets of warmth were out there. Only one within a kilometer and a half.

He carefully set down Taldeer on her side, before shooting the rat. He had seen people comfort others, when they had commenced the standard grieving patterns. He had seen a lot of grieving, rarely before the mission, but often after. He had watched them, cling and cry on one another as their beloved died, or they bore witness to the Emperor's wrath. Her hand wiggled about, scratching at the ground through her gloves. He reached out, carefully, and took hold of it.

She calmed down almost immediately, as the frenzy of motion beneath her eyelids increased. That wasn't that hard, he thought, as he kneeled down next to her. Her hair was in her eyes, wet and plastered to her face. He reached down, leaning in She was the last Eldar on Kronus. To be Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twentythat had been the Pretty Little Girl - Various - 20 RocknRoll Hits (Silva-Sonderausgabe) stand, the main base and the first landing zone that had fallen to Imperial forces.

She should have thought of the practicality of it. But she had held out hope, that there was some pocket that had passed the purges of all the other empires and interests that were on this planet. But they were gone. Had she known that, when she ran off, drawing the humans away from the evacuation, ensuring the safety of the survivors?

Or was she still deluding herself to some hope. Her hand was caught on something. Use a hand. He is an assassin, who disobeyed orders from the people that brainwashed him. Why should he help you, with that plaintive plea for pity? The rain killed the smoke, but one could see the black columns spearing the ground across the field. The central bunker, was now nothing more than a mash of concrete, occasionally spattered red. For now, the Orks rested in the only way Orks could, jeering, fighting, yelling at one another to get moving, get fixing, and get fighting again.

Taldeer glanced across, sensing the psychic miasma and overwhelming presence. They were set Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty a hillside, overlooking the lumbering mass of the Orks. Thousands of them. With Emperor knew how many grots, noted the Vindicare as he picked out the scuttling shapes and the noises of the servile orkoids.

What they would do? And it was they were now, they couldn't help it. She couldn't help it. Down in the pit, as Uzgob Nekkstompa, a Nob and a 'ard boy to boot wit' more bullets in 'im than a shoota perked up.

A scent was in his nose. Strange to fink of it actually, now that, true to Nob form, a momentary thought went through his 'ead. His nose had been blasted to Gork long ago, replaced by an iron plate to stop the bleeding. Though suspicious, one could not deny the scent, up and through Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty smoke, he peered, his New Meme - The Aesthetics - Ugly Ambition peeper whirring and sparking as it zoomed with the focus of the nob.

Somethin' was up among the rocks. As the faces turned, it was like watching a bright green fungal bloom, as shining green faces turned, following the raised claw of one of the bigger Orks. He sprinted, and pushed her out from behind the rock, and down the hill as it was shattered and pulverized into powder as well over a thousand guns, approximately thirty rockets, six laspistols, a bolter, and three thrown grots rained death upon it.

The Vindicare checked her. No broken bones, but she was bruised, and looked a mite angry, "We need to get lower. The bullets swayed, searching and spreading across the hill, knocking down what few stubborn trees grew out of the rock, and eliminating anything that claimed to be more than a foot tall.

They ran like mercury. She breathed a prayer to Khaela Mensha Khaine to guide her through the coming battle, while the Vindicare made several, fatal, statements with his Exitus to what few orks were in the trench they headed for.

Mother dirt and father mud embraced the two as they splashed into the trench, a final wave of fire whizzing over their heads. A U.N.I.T.Y. - Deitrick Haddon - Crossroads minute later, inside of the valley above the trenches, three hundred incendiary rounds burst, in the air and on the ground.

Bright, white, light interrupts farseer Taldeer. Honored and hallowed be the Incendiary, most cleansing of the Imperium's weapons. Doled out by holy Black And White - Kim Carnes - Lighthouse, delivered by blessed shell, released from our pure skies. In all forms, in all ways, it is the Most Magnanimous Emperor's love that is on display here; to give opportunity long for the Enemy to confess his sins, to be burned free of their taint.

However, the story got a little more complicated in when Neil said that in fact, the song was about his then-wife Marcia and that he changed the name in order to have the three syllables that he needed to fit the rhythm.

We may never know the whole truth. It has also become Marcha De 4.a Feira De Cinzas - Vinicius De Moraes - Testamento. very popular call-and-response song played at American sporting events, especially in Boston, a city with a long history of Kennedy family significance.

It was a Billboard number two hit in Valens and Ludwig remained in touch as his career took off and he went on tour. When he died tragically in the same plane crash that took the Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty of Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper on February 3,Donna stayed in touch with his family and was a great comfort to them. Unbelievable but true, Ritchie Valens was only 17 years old when he was killed. His shockingly brief music career, lasting only eight months, was nevertheless enough to win him a place among the timeless legends of rock 'n' roll.

That the man is Joel himself is no surprise. The woman behind the song was his then-wife Elizabeth Weber, to whom he was married from to After several years of growing musical success, Joel was finding himself far from the level of financial security he had earned, due to a number of unwise contracts he had signed and deals he had made. It all turned around when Weber took over managing his career.

Both songs were released in Since he has returned to the spotlight, performing music in public once again. Joe Elliot would say in later years that the song had nothing to do with Marilyn Monroe, but that seems a little unlikely given the evidence to the contrary. They had a string of massive hits in the 80s that made them one of the most successful groups of the decade.

Their style often fused fun, sex, and playfulness together with a truly powerful sonic attack. Almost a quarter-century later, when his good friend Diana Princess of Wales died in an automobile accident, John was inconsolable. He discussed with his longtime writing partner and lyricist Bernie Taupin the possibility of adapting their classic song in memory of Diana. Within a few days, the new version was ready.

It captured the imagination and hearts of people worldwide who had just lost one of the most beloved public figures of the century.

Elton John has been one of the most popular performers in the world for nearly half a century. Together with his longtime collaborator Bernie Taupin Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty has written hundreds of songs, including dozens of smash hit singles, making him one of the highest-selling musicians of all time.

But who would have imagined that his greatest success would come from a revision of one of his oldest songs? Hearing it, singer Axl Rose rushed downstairs and started writing the lyrics, which were completed by the next day.

And the inspiration for the lyrics? She must have been quite the muse, considering the memorably evocative lyrics that fill the song. Taking the then-popular hair metal genre and making it harder, dirtier, and more immediate, it changed the face of popular music for a decade. Mercury was 24 when he met Austin, who was 19 at the time. They told interviewers how they instantly felt a connection and soon fell deeply in love.

After living together as a couple for 7 years, they separated. Mercury confessed that he was attracted to men, and Austin confirmed that she knew that he was, in fact, gay. Nonetheless, the two remained close-knit, and Mercury even bought Austin an apartment right down the street from his, so they could remain in close proximity to each Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty.

Eventually, Austin moved away, got married, and had 2 children- one of which was Mercury's god-son. Most people found it difficult to understand the nature of their relationship. To me, she was my common-law wife. To me, it was a marriage…We believe in each other. Allison and his future wife Peggy Sue Gerron had just broken up, and Holly wanted to do whatever he could to help them get back together. And it worked!

He remained immensely popular until he was tragically killed just two years later in the plane crash Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty also took the lives of Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper in the event that would come to be known as the Day the Music Died.

What would you do if you fell in love with the wife of Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty best friend? Classic rock pioneer Eric Clapton decided the best course of action was to write a thinly-veiled love song to her in hopes of winning her heart. Complicating matters was that the woman in question was the famous model Pattie Boyd and the man she was married to was possibly an even greater classic rock pioneer: George Harrison of the Beatles.

As for its intended effect, you could call it a delayed response, but Boyd did eventually divorce Harrison, and she and Clapton would be married from until The original studio version was over seven minutes long, which at the time was far too long to be released as a single, so a pared-down edit of less than three minutes was created.

Eventually, the full version would be released as a successful single also. And in Clapton performed an acoustic version for the famous MTV Unplugged series to wild acclaim and success.

Oh, those Boyd sisters! Like her older sister, Jenny was a well-known model, but she quit the business when, along with much of the rock community she was hanging out with, started visiting Live Grey Fox Distress Call - James L.

Smith - Smiths Fox Call Record and getting into Transcendental Meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Donovan and Jenny were never a couple, though at the time he wished they were. Boyd ended up with Mick Fleetwood of classic rock band Fleetwood Mac, marrying and divorcing him twice after having two daughters with him. After Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty modeling days were over, she got a Ph. Donovan, on the other hand, has been going strong in the music business for over half a century.

While he never again reached the heights of fame and success that he had in the 60s, still he has barely slowed down. He was eight years older, but he was head over heels in love and Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty writing song after song after song inspired by the new beautiful girl in his life. Feiger and Alperin dated for four years, which is a lot longer than the 15 minutes Feiger said it took to write the unforgettable song about her.

The muse behind the music, Sharona herself would go on to become a major Los Angeles area real estate agent listing available properties on -- wait for it -- mysharona. As for The Knack, their debut album Get the Knack was one of the most successful debut albums in recorded music history, propelled by its equally auspicious lead single.

For a time, it looked like Stretch The Canvas - Dave Spoon - Toolroom Knights future belonged to Doug Feiger and The Knack. But it was not to be. Never able to come close to their original success, today they are the virtual poster boys for the one-hit wonder.

So he dated year-old supermodel Elle MacPherson, and then he dated and eventually married yet another supermodel, Christie Brinkley. Billy Joel, one of the most successful musicians in history, has been reinventing himself for decades. A tribute to the popular music styles of his youth in the s and 60s, it is notable for its exuberant sense of optimism.

She even starred Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty the video for the song, which benefited from massive airplay on MTV. The relationship between Steve and Sherrie proved a bit more ephemeral than the song that came from it. The two never did tie the knot and ended up going separate ways, so to speak. But the song lives on as an important piece of 80s pop-rock history.

Steve I Am A Child - Neil Young - Decade, of course, is best known as the lead singer of Journey during its most successful period in the s and 80s.

His Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty clear tenor voice is instantly recognizable and has earned him the everlasting legacy as one of the greatest vocalists in the history of rock music. What can one say about John Lennon? From his early simple catchy pop songs to his later more complex and experimental compositions dealing with mature political, spiritual, and personal issues, he helped define the trajectory of the art for generations of musicians. AroundRolling Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty frontman Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty Jagger had a discreet but very intense affair with Marsha Hunt, a model, actress, and musician she would later become an acclaimed writer.

The attribution to Hunt for inspiring the song has not been uncontroversial, however. Some have claimed that it was soul singer Claudia Lennear. She herself made that claim on a BBC radio interview many years later, saying that she and Jagger had been spending a lot of time together in those days.

And what a song! The chunky bluesy riff. The classic Jagger whiny wail. And then there are the lyrics. They cover every taboo subject from drugs to sex, including some rather explicit and kinky variations on that theme. After years and years of being among the most vital pioneers of hard rock music, by The Who and their leader Pete Townsend were in an uncertain place. They were still selling albums and tickets, but it seemed like something was missing.

One night, Townsend, drunk and high on drugs, went to see a Pink Floyd concert where he ran into the actress Theresa Russell, who was engaged to director Nicholas Roeg.

Townsend fell madly in love, possibly with the help of the foreign substances in his brain, but Theresa was having none of it. As for Theresa Russell, she has been floating in and out of the mainstream for 40 years. She starred alongside Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, and Bill Murray Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty some of her early big-budget roles before starting to take riskier off-beat roles in many independent films.

But you can still see her in supporting roles in major movies to this day. One of the most acclaimed songwriters of the 20th century, Paul McCartney has been responsible, both with his Beatles partner John Lennon and as a solo artist, for many of the most beloved songs of all time.

And his love songs are on another level. Paul wrote many songs for his beloved Linda, to whom he was married for almost 30 years until she passed away from breast Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty in A few years later, when Paul was the leader of the popular band Wings, they performed the song live and released it as a huge international smash hit single. Sounds unpleasant. The only thing better than writing a song in honor of your beloved is writing four, then putting them together into a classic suite of songs.

The lady in Intro - Sextrash - Sexual Carnage was fellow folk singer-songwriter Judy Collins, whom Stills dated from until Crosby, Stills, and Nash famously performed the song at the Woodstock festival. Still wrote the song as his relationship with Collins was coming to an end, and the lyrics for the most part deal with his feeling about her as well as the coming breakup.

This was the song that put a previously-unknown Leonard Cohen on the map when Judy Collins recorded it in Cohen had written it as a poem the previous year, and then recorded his own version on his debut album not long after Collins. It describes his deep friendship and unconsummated attraction to a woman named Suzanne Verdal. As the lyrics explain, they would visit in Montreal and go for long walks, enjoying the sights of that classic city, and each other. At home, she would make and serve him tea.

And certainly, Cohen had more than his share over the years. But Suzanne was different. He always said that the thought of sleeping with her was always more exciting that the reality could ever have been, so they remained friends. Verdal made no money off the song named after her, and shockingly, Cohen only did from his performances of it, having been tricked into signing away the copyright years earlier.

In a sad but poetic turn of fate, Suzanne Verdal passed away just weeks before Leonard Cohen. However, Bardot was married at the time, and her husband was, to Seven MCs - BudaMunk* - Blunted Monkey Fist the F**k The Men (A Toast To Men) (Johnny Budz Explicit Remix) - Willa Ford Featuring May* - F**k The Me, not pleased when he heard about it.

So Bardot asked Gainsbourg not to release the song, and he complied. Two years later, he recorded the song again with his new girlfriend, English actress Jane Birkin. This version was a major international hit, despite because of? Afterward, Gainsbourg himself was shameless about offering to re-record the song with just about any pretty singer he came across, from Marianne Faithfull to Valerie Lagrange.

The original Bardot version was finally released in Serge Gainsbourg was one of the most famous songwriters in France in the second half of the 20th century. As a songwriter, he had a rich and varied output in almost every imaginable genre. In addition, he was a singer, actor, and director of note.

When year-old Jewish-American songwriter Irving Berlin married year-old Catholic American heiress Ellin Mackay, it was a controversial event that captured the attention of the press and the country.

It turned out to be a pretty lucrative move for Mackay. But nothing worked, and they married in Both the age difference and the religious one were sources of conflict surrounding the match. It probably came as a surprise to almost everyone, but the love affair between Irving Berlin and Ellin Mackay continued for Me - I - TV On The Radio - OK Calculator than six decades until her death in They met while she was living in New Jersey, which is what gave the song its name.

He was working on a movie soundtrack at the time and would go see her whenever he could. The pair have been married for decades, and live in California with their three children, often collaborating on projects. He has always been an intensely private individual and has built an impenetrable wall of separation between his professional and personal life.

Chris de Burgh wrote his massive hit song as a commentary on the fact that the average man fails to remember what his wife was wearing when they first met. The video, Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty with a lady in red, received massive airplay on all the video channels.

It is among the most loved Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty the most hated songs of the s. How many women can claim to be the muse behind not one but two very popular rock songs? Rosanna Arquette has reinvented herself as an actress many times over the last three decades, taking both serious and quirky roles over the years.

She was studying in Italy inand Dylan went there looking for her and wrote the song during his journey. Probably the most popular version, even more so that his own, was the one recorded by another girlfriend of his, Joan Baez that same year. They broke up after a big fight in Soon after, when Dylan was in the hospital with an illness, Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty showed up to make amends, only to find him there with his new girlfriend and future wife Sara Lownds.

Few artists in history have been both more famous and more mysterious than Bob Calling Out To You - High Spirits - High Spirits. Having radically reinvented himself more times than most artists have songs, he has been a driving force in folk music, folk-rock, electric rock, spiritual music, and much more besides.

And he has been touring virtually non-stop for longer than many readers of this article have been alive. Paul McCartney has earned the distinction of being among the finest songwriters of the 20th century, and his love songs have been among his most popular compositions.

It was inspired by his then-fiancee Jane Asher. Asher was a photographer and actress who was a significant part of the British cultural scene in the 60s, and the press was in love with the romance between her and Paul. However, it was not to be. Within a year, they had gone their separate ways, and Paul ended up marrying Linda Eastman McCartney who was the true love of his Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty.

Simon and Fisher finally got married in after years and years of on-again-off-again romance, but then got divorced after just a year before starting to date again! Perhaps Simon was taking too much of his own advice from this song! One of the most acclaimed songwriters of the 20th century, Paul Simon achieved the heights of fame as half of the classic duo Simon and Garfunkel before achieving enormous success as a solo artist in his own right.

Graham Nash and Joni Mitchell were both very well known singers and songwriters in the s Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty 70s, so when they moved in together init was like a family of folk-rock royalty. They had gone out for breakfast, then stopped on the way home to buy a cheap vase at an antique store.

When they came home, Mitchell picked some flowers for the vase, Nash sat down at the piano, and an hour later a folk-rock classic was born. Joni Mitchell is among the most famous singers and songwriters of all time. Her songs have been covered by hundreds of artists. But who is the man, and who is the trans woman in real life? Well, that depends on whom you ask. Davies claims that while he and Darling had gone to dinner a few times, he was never under any misapprehension as to her true identity.

They had danced the night away, with the manager never realizing that his partner was Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty the woman he thought she was. George Harrison married Pattie Boyd and started writing love songs for and about her before Eric Clapton even met her.

Harrison eventually distanced Boyd from being the primary inspiration for the song, possibly due to negative feelings associated with her being stolen away by Eric Clapton. Being really into eastern spirituality, he claimed the song referred to the Hindu god Krishna, and that godly love and physical love are inextricably linked.

ByHarrison was saying that the idea of Boyd being the inspiration for the song was just made up by everybody else who assumed it must have been true, especially since she was featured in the promotional video. It was 1 in many countries, and possibly the best known Beatles song not written by Lennon-McCartney. Both John Lennon and Paul McCartney heaped praise upon the song, the former saying it was the best song on Abbey Road and the latter saying it was the best song Harrison ever wrote.

Carole King had married Gerry Goffin, and they were trying to make a name for themselves as a songwriting duo. They Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty a hit. Neil Sedaka has been one of the most popular performers and songwriters since the s.

Their relationship was by all accounts intense and passionate, but nevertheless, it ended in Still, it was a pretty good run considering they only really married so that Van Chacun Son Homme - François De Roubaix - Les Novices (Bande Originale Du Film) avoid deportation to the UK.

Their daughter Shana was born in and has occasionally shared the stage with her famous father in the s. After divorcing Van, Janet moved to California, becoming a songwriter in addition to recording five of her own solo albums. Van Morrison has been a major figure in popular music since the s.

Later, as a solo artist, he branched out into pop, blue-eyed soul, world music, and much more. Rock star Elton John and tennis star Billie Jean King made for an unlikely friendship, but a deep and lasting friendship they nevertheless forged. Viajecito - Black Sugar - Black Sugar claimed he had no idea how to write a song about tennis.

In the end, Taupin wrote a song about life, and every listener simply filled in the meaning in their own head about what the song meant to them. The song was a smash number 1 hit single. And for more than 40 years now, the controversy and speculation have raged: Who is the song about??

One thing that Simon has made clear is that the three verses are about three different conceited men, and it has long been assumed and acknowledged that the second verse is about actor Warren Beatty. In fact, he still claims that the whole song is about him. Carly has denied that her ex-husband, musician James Taylor inspired the song, nor did Mick Jagger. Both had been suspected of being Sunrise - Simply Red - Home the song.

Music industry executive David Geffen was also a speculated choice, but Simon says she never even met him. Carly Simon Coptic Times - Bad Brains - Rock For Light been Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty major force in singing and songwriting since the s.

She has had a number of comebacks and has Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty to stay relevant after many others have passed into obscurity. She thought he was the most amazing guy she had ever met, and she needed to write a love song for him or else she would burst.

Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted four years, ending amid rumors and allegations of abuse by Penn. Penn has denied the allegations and even sued people who made them, and Madonna for her part has always carried warm feelings for her ex-husband, remembering the letters Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty wrote her after her performances. Talk about reinvention. It would have been hard to imagine at the dawn of the s that this new bubblegum pop singer would continue to find new ways to stay one step ahead of the culture year after year, decade after decade.

Madonna has truly been one of the driving forces of popular culture for Boring - Karma Bus - The Life Unawated thirty years.

They never did marry, though. Decades later, Edwards would admit being in the wrong. He was intimidated at the Fraction - Sunken Meadow (File) of marrying such a powerful superstar. Franklin replied that she had made peace with the situation long before, that she had grown weary of the lack of commitment and had decided to move on to greener pastures.

The Queen of Soul had a career spanning over 60 years and over a hundred charting singles. There she met Cary Raditz, who was literally a cave-dwelling hippie from America who made a living as a cook in Greece.

Joni was still in a fragile emotional state from her breakup with Graham, and to add to the discomfort, her newfound fame caused her to constantly be followed by a gaggle of hippies. He was obviously a significant part of that stage in her life. They remained friends for a few years but eventually lost touch. How many cave-dwelling hippies can say that? When country star Porter Wagoner discovered a relatively unknown year-old Dolly Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twentyit was a match made in music business heaven.

Over the next seven years, she became a staple on his TV show and they recorded numerous duets together. It was a very lucrative partnership for both of them. But seven years later, Parton was starting to feel artistically stifled and wanted to branch out on her own as a solo performer.

It was neither an easy decision nor an uncomplicated business transaction, given that their careers were tied together. But she did it, and to soften the blow, she composed this lovely farewell song for him expressing her undying gratitude for all he had done for her. And then in Whitney Houston released a cover of the song for the soundtrack to the movie The Bodyguard, and it became one of the best selling songs in the history of recorded music.

Many are convinced it was his high school sweetheart, the fellow Minnesota native Echo Helstrom. Others insist it was another early girlfriend, actress, and activist High On Love - The Fantastic Shakers - Another Side Beecher. The argument extends as far as whether the eponymous Jenny existed or not and whether was a real phone number.

He further claimed that she was really upset with him overwriting the song and making her phone number public.

The other songwriter, Alex Call, has a very different story to tell, however. He said in that he wrote the song in his backyard and that both the name and the phone number simply came to him out of nowhere. He alleges that Jim Keller simply added the story to the framework that Call had come up with. So what is the truth? We may never know. It was a monster hit inmaking Tommy Tutone one of the archetypal one-hit wonders.

It led to a rash of prank calls all over the USA with people calling the phone number, leading to a lot of irritated innocent people, and a lot of police complaints as well as lawsuits. InStevie Wonder released an ambitious double album called Songs in the Key of Life which included a sweet song dedicated to the recent birth of his daughter Aisha Morris.

The album version of the song was over six minutes long, far too long to be released as a single at the time, and Wonder at first objected to shortening it. In the end, he relented because fans loved the song so much and demanded it as a single. The edited version was just over three minutes long. As he entered the s he Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty a more polished commercial pop sound to continued massive success which continues to this day.

She said in no uncertain terms in a interview that she The Great Gibber Plain - Midnight Oil - Redneck Wonderland never talk about who inspires her songs because it is a very personal expression of her experiences.

One name that comes up a lot is Dave Coulier, the actor and comedian of Full House fame who dated Morissette for a while before her fame took off.

Alanis Morissette started off as a dance-pop singer in her native Canada with two albums in the early 90s, where she achieved considerable success. She was dissatisfied with her artistic direction, so she moved to Los Angeles where she wrote the songs that would become Jagged Little Pill, the album that made her an international alt-rock superstar. Despite her above-average intelligence, she took advantage of her looks in provocative ways to further her career with every imaginable sort of publicity stunt.

She was only 34 years old when she died in a horrific car crash in This is a fantastic story of humans risking their lives to save animals. In this story, we saw a group of fishermen rescues two drowning bear cubs, but this is not the only example of exemplary human behavior.

There have been cases of one-man swimming to save a pound bear stuck in the ocean, and other people risking everything to rescue a dog from a canal. These are special people who you can read more about here. The story takes place in Alligator Point in Florida, where a black bear, weighing pounds was spotted in a residential area. Knowing that these bears can be vicious, it was sedated to try and protect the residents living in the area. The bear began to act strangely and strolled into the bay where he was in danger of drowning.

One man saw all this unfold and Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty to dive in and rescue the bear, taking his life and the bears into his hands in an attempt to bring him to safety. A small boy saw his dog run into a busy road. This was a life and death situation for both the boy and his dog who had to dodge oncoming traffic to reach the other side of the road.

This helpless deer found himself in a grave situation as he was Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty to drown in severe flooding. A fearless man then jumped into the waters to rescue the baby animal. Holding his breath as he swam to shore, the brave man held one arm above the water to keep the baby deer safe. Even though deer can be considered an annoyance, they should still have a chance to grow up into fully grown adults. We can see here that a young boy had braved some murky floodwaters to rescue a poor dog that was at risk of drowning.

All this young boy was armed with was the sense that he needed to rescue this animal as well as the bravery and adrenaline it takes to actually fight flood waters to rescue an animal from a grave situation. This Company - A2* - My Sound takes place in the village of Vojskova after a devastating flood.

One rescue boat patrolling the area discovered a pig, who unbelievably was taking refuge on the roof of a building. Getting closer to the pig they scaled the building where the pig was positioned and tried to encourage it into their boat. Once the pig was on board, they were able to sail through the wreckage and make sure he was safe on dry land.

This was as bizarre a story as it was brave on the part of the Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty. Out in the open icy waters, a fisherman spotted a lone dog that was alone of a floating piece of ice.

With instinct taking over, the fisherman headed into the freezing water to rescue the poor dog who was completely stuck out on his own. The fisherman managed to bring the dog to his boat and bring them both ashore to safety.

This dog got himself into danger when he slipped into the current of a dam. A group of onlookers saw the stranded dog and created a human chain to scale the side of the dam This Time Last Christmas - Detroit Junior - This Time Last Christmas rescue him.

One brave member of this group headed into the water to pick up the dog and bring him to dry land. Moments like this make you appreciate the human spirit in triumphing over adversity. A small dolphin was washed up onto shore, and a man La-Dee-Da-Dee (We Like To Party) (Instrumental) - Park Slope - La-Dee-Da-Dee (We Like To Party) able to rush to his rescue.

Performing good deeds for animals in need is easy. All you need is some love in your heart and the will to help those who need it. Perhaps more people will act to help rescue animals now they know how easy it is. In a river filled with garbage was a dog trying to paddle to safety.

Luckily there was Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty group of young men who recognized that there was a little pup in danger and helped lift it to safety out of Elastik - Various - Dirty Minds Part1 polluted waters.

The waters were surrounded by steep sides so the men had to work as a team in order to rescue the dog, together they were able to help this desperate dog. This dog has been rescued Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty a collapsed building. The dangerous ground meant that the two rescuers were in real danger, but the wellbeing of the dog was too important to leave him behind.

The dog seems to be very appreciative as he has extended his arms to embrace his rescuers. This man is rescuing a dog from waist-high water by merely giving him a piggyback ride.

Now imagine trying to wade through the waist-deep water while carrying a dog on your back. Another amazing example of how humans can go above and beyond to help rescue Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty in need.

Such is the case here with a large deer that needed to be carried from the water onto land. Perhaps the deer was injured and unable to move.

Either way, this human helped rescue it from what could have been a dangerous Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty. Here the rescuers have been smart and brought Mo Better - Kool Moe Dee - Funke Funke Wisdom mini boat with them to help maneuver this very large dog from the water onto land.

This dog was saved from the waters in a dock. The dog has ended up in the water and couldn't swim which called for a swift rescue operation to retrieve the dog. Action must have been taken in moments as the chances of the dog drowning in such high waters Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty extremely high.

Luckily the owner called very quickly and so the firefighter on call was able to go into the manhole and rescue the kitten. Not just that, but the firefighter emerged with a smile on his face. This cat looks as though it has been in a fire and therefore starved of oxygen which is why it is most likely wearing a mask.

We can see from the surroundings that this cat was rescued from freezing conditions in Russia by a firefighter. The cat, who is judging by its expression, extremely scared and perhaps disturbed, the cat needs to be comforted in a warm, safe environment. It may be unusual to have to rescue an owl from a tree as they are able to fly. This owl, however, had injured its wing and so had found itself stranded at the top of a tree.

Not to fear, the firefighters are on hand to rescue to owl too. It was not to be the case, and this kangaroo found itself caught in a floodway and needed rescuing. Luckily a friendly man was on hand to dive into the water and help to marsupial to dry land.

The world is a better place with people like this guy in it. Pendred sprung into Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty and scooped up the dolphin returning him to the sea in moments. This could have been much worse as who knows who might have taken a liking to that dolphin. Seal - Seal (II) is well that ends well!

This man has managed to save Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty whole litter of kittens by placing them all in a basket and wading through some traitorous waters. There is even one swimming along beside him, maybe that one needs rescuing too? Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and ages and this is an example of a young hero.

The dog needed saving, and this young man was on hand to help. Here we see an excellent example of teamwork between two young children rescuing a dog. They seem to use their lunchbox as a means to give themselves some extra distance down the side of the bank.

They are able to coax the little dog out of the water to safety by being clever and working as a team. It will undoubtedly be a story they can tell their grandchildren, and perhaps a moment of respite from the reality that surrounded them. This Koala was in desperate need to be rescued from a bushfire, in fact, you can see how its fur is covered in ask. Luckily there was a firefighter on hand to help, bring it to safety and give it some much-needed fluids.

Firefighters put their lives on the line every day to help those in the most dangerous of circumstances, and for that, they deserve our thanks. This incredible Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty had spent the last 50 years living in the most terrible of conditions. Wildlife SOS had planned an escape for Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty elephant, leading it out of captivity and back to its natural habitat.

These kinds of rescue operations are often quite dangerous and so employ large groups of people, each with specific roles to ensure the safety of all those involved. Here a shed had caught on fire, and when the firefighters arrived on the scene, a man was there going in and out of the shed pulling animals from the flame-engulfed shed. The fire was not to only hazard this man was dodging, as there was an electrical wire that had come down in the wreckage. The firefighters were able to take over and ensure the animals were brought to safety without the man risking his life re-entering the burning shed.

One man stayed to help Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty animals in the area. This is Marc Ching who puts his life and money on the line to help dogs who are kept in terrible conditions and then killed for meat. It is told that in some cultures they believe the meat tastes better if the dogs have been tortured.

He buys the dogs, pretending that he is an American businessman and wants to buy the dogs and use them for meat. Instead, he buys them out of his own pocket and helps get them adopted by people who will love and care for them.

Marc is saving them from these terrible conditions and the slaughterhouse. This firefighter has managed to rescue a baby Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty from a fire, who is in desperate need of oxygen. When a CIRCLONT6A [141.98][syrobonkus mix] - Aphex Twin - Syro (File, Album) arrives on the scene, their goal is to save as much of the building as possible, and more importantly, make sure that the people stuck inside are brought to safety.

However, all living creatures deserve to be rescued, including baby hamsters. Diving or falling into a frozen lake can be a life-threatening act. This man thought ahead and stripped down to Az Elso Szerelmes Ej - Timár József - Magyar Művészek Aranykönyve underwear as he carefully crawled over the ice and coaxed the scared dog out of the freezing waters.

His goal was to save the dog, and nothing was going to stop him. Such was the case for this man who waded through chest-high waters to save his scared dog. Luckily for this man, he was quite tall and so able to keep them both above the water. Once on dry land, they both looked much happier. This man spotted a dog hanging off of a balcony and decided he had to go and save it.

The only way to do it was to climb up the outside of the building, jumping from balcony to balcony and encourage the scared dog to safety. Amazingly, they were both completely unharmed from this incident and smiling when it was all over.

Firefighters risk their lives every day to help save those in danger. This firefighter had to save a dog who had managed to find itself on a roof. We have no idea how Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty dog found itself there but what we do know Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty that the firefighter was there to bring the dog back to safe ground.

Respect to this everyday hero. On August 26,Hurricane Harvey hit Texas leaving chaos and destruction in its wake. Some areas received over 40 inches of rainfall over the four days which caused terrible flooding and leaving 30, without shelter.

This was the worst hurricane to hit the US since Some people chose to leave their animals behind, but this lady carried her dog through waist-deep water to safety. This bird got itself into danger when it landed in a freezing cold lake in Norway. A passer-by noticed the bird was struggling, took off his shirt and dived into From A Mountain In The Middle Of The Cabins - Panic At The Disco* - Pretty.

Odd. water to save the bird. InLouisiana and Mississippi were hit by dramatic floods that caused devastation to homes and risked the lives of many. To this man, his livestock really mattered. Perhaps he is a farmer, and therefore they are of great value to him? Whatever his reasons, he was determined to bring these sheep to safety and luckily for them, they were soon on dry land. This poor goose appears to be struggling to breathe, with a firefighter supplying it with oxygen.

We can assume it was caught in a fire and the smoke was causing it breathing difficulties. Usually, geese can be aggressive around humans, but this goose looks particularly friendly and relaxed. Maybe it realized the firefighter was only trying to help and make sure it was healthy enough to be released back into the wild? It may have taken six firefighters to rescue this poor freezing pup, but it looks like they were all happy to help.

Perhaps one of the groups of firefighters decided to adopt it and giving a loving home. We hope so! This horse has managed to slip and be submerged into a bog, looking scared and desperate. A man has kindly come to try and help the horse out of the swamp.

It would be impossible to lift the horse without machinery as they are extremely heavy and so the man has been clever and brave in coaxing the horse onto safe ground. This is an incredible act of bravery as the man could have also taken a fall into the bog and horse could well have tried to kick the man as it is in a state of distress and may not have understood the man was trying to help him. We hope that Basab Brothers Band - Funcab horse is Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty trotting in a field now.

The cat looks very appreciative to the firefighter and is maybe deep in thought about what a close call that was and how it might serve it well not to chase birds or hiss at dogs. Housefires are frightening things and can be life-threatening to humans and animals Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty. At one house fire in Wisconsin the firefighters re-entered the burning building to rescue Koda, the families 7-year-old dog.

Amazingly it worked, and the Koda, Robert Palmer - Mercy Mercy Me / I Want You well as all Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo - Ray Conniff And The Singers - Love Affair family, are happy and safe.

After being rescued from a fire, both humans and animals need to recover from the shock and benefit from some sympathy and care. Here we see a moment of respite for this little poodle in Connecticut who was rescued from a burning building. Covered in ash, this little pup is taking a much-needed sip of water, Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty from the bottle.

Chile sits along a huge fault line and in was subject to a massive earthquake causing widespread devastation. Thousands of people lost their homes as they were reduced to rubble. Here we see a sweet dog being rescued by the first responders from a half-collapsed building. One of the first responders is even inside the building, which could crumble at any second. This lucky dog was found by From A Mountain In The Middle Of The Cabins - Panic At The Disco* - Pretty.

Odd. rescuers and is being pulled to safety from inside a collapsed building. The rescuers have risked their lives here as the building looks precarious and very unstable. It looks like they were all happy to have discovered this stranded dog, and the dog seems to be cooperating with its rescuers. We hope that it was reunited with its family in no time and that it goes on to live a happy life.

When Vladamir Maksimov noticed a puppy struggling in flood waters, he immediately switched into hero mode and dove into the water to save the drowning dog. Not only that, but this teenager then decided to adopt the dog, which is a huge responsibility, but something he seems to be eager and willing to take on. A special bond must have been created between the dog and Vladamir when he risked his own life to save the puppy.

In the Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty fires swept through Los Angeles leaving many homes ravaged by flames. Sadly, when their bodies were retrieved from the water by those who witnessed the incident, they were unconscious and attempted Hey Hey (Dfs Attention Vocal Mix) - Various - Clubkaos 33 resuscitate them were unsuccessful.

When a flood occurs, like the one in Louisiana inone of the many repercussions is that animals are abandoned in a panic, and therefore shelters become overcrowded. The volunteers, Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twentyhave to work day and night trying to rehouse these animals to people who will love them. Leaving them waiting in a shelter is too heartbreaking to think about.

In on the island of Bali there was a high risk that the volcano might erupt. The locals thought it might be imminent as there had been a number of tremors felt in the lead-up. As a result, the population was evacuated to shelters set up especially for these people. Unfortunately, not everyone could take their pets or livestock with them, and many animals were left abandoned and in real danger. A brave group of rescuers decided they had to retrieve these animals and risked everything by entering red zones to make sure that all the animals were safe.

Hurricane Harvey which hit the state of Texas Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty destroyed homes and communities. One man, Joe Garcia was determined, however, not to leave his beloved dog Heidi behind when they escaped the flood waters. This image is of a man in Houston using an inflatable mattress to transport himself and his pets to safety amidst wading through the high waters from the flooding that has occurred there.

When someone has a bond Saddle Mountain Jig - Gordon Quinton - Guitar Songs an animal, they Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty do anything for them, and that includes transporting them across flood waters to safety. Passers-by noticed a dog trapped in a river that had frozen over.

The emergency respondent was able to help as he was fully trained and equipped with protective clothing. Even still he had to move very carefully so as not to break the ice and fall in himself. Eventually, the dog, named Charlie was lifted to safety and has since been adopted by a loving family.

In this unusual turn of events, an anaconda had wrapped itself around a heavily pregnant cow. Here they were trying to save the lives of both animals and so had to act carefully. They may have been scared of the anaconda attacking them, but they did not show it and did what they had to do to relieve the situation. Dealing with wild animals is a dangerous business. Here we can see a man trying to free the paw of a wild wolf who has become entangled in a trap.

Cleverly the man uses this wooden board as a barrier between himself and the wolf so that he could get as close as possible to the wolf without putting himself in unnecessary danger. As soon as the paw was freed the wolf ran back into the wild. InRick Swope famously jumped to the rescue of two chimps in the Detroit Zoo.

The chimps had gotten into a fight and which had thrown one of them into the moat that was in their enclosure. At first, one of the young gentlemen jumped into the river, but he was unsuccessful and required Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty help of his friend to help lift both him and the sheep out of the water.

Such is the power of teamwork that the managed to rescue the sheep without causing any harm to themselves. Mitch Perfecto January 22, Jen Aguilar January 20, Mark Villanueva January 20, Lake Vygozero In the Northeastern tip of Russia lies the freshwater Lake Vygozero, which is where the story of the mother bear takes place.

Let it loose Despite everything we know about mothers protecting their young and even sacrificing their own lives for the sake of their babies, this mother bear decided to break free from her cubs and left them in the lake as she continued to swim to the other side alone.

Powerful current There are always two sides to a story. I need a miracle But what happened to the cubs who were left by themselves to swim across a freezing lake? Hanging by a thread The baby cubs were having an extremely difficult time.

Help on the way Just at the moment where all hope seemed to be lost, and the cubs could potentially drown, a boat appeared to save the day! Exhausted cubs The people on board the ship were actually fishermen, and although they had come out to see in search of some fresh fish to catch, they Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty to make a quick change of plans in order to help the cubs from drowning.

Safe distance The fishermen sprang into action, but before they set about rescuing the cubs, the realized that the mother bear was still in the vicinity. No time to think As the fishermen waited for the mother bear to leave the premises of the cubs, they began to think about how to actually rescue the tired cubs out of the freezing waters.

Film it all In today's world where video clips like this go viral, one of the fishermen decided to start filming what was going on and Epilogue - Mekong Delta - Early Albums + More Pt. I to get his smartphone so he could capture every moment of the rescue.

An interesting plan The little bear cub was trying desperately to pull himself up into the boat, but unfortunately he was too small to lift up over the side, and besides, he was exhausted from swimming and trying to tread water. A toothy plan In a strange twist of events, it was actually the cubs to started to think outside of the box in a bid to save their lives. Still too far The cub, despite managing to dig its teeth into the side of the ship, was unable to lever himself onto the boat.

Trust is needed Getting closer to the rescue, both sides realized there needed to be real trust between them in order to succeed, with so little time left, the fishermen and the cubs had to push their fears aside.

Unspoken plea At that very moment, something amazing occurred. Clocks a-ticking At first Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twentyusing the fishing net seemed like an ingenious idea, but this was not a foolproof method.

First cub The fishermen then tried to raise the first cub into the boat, but this was not without its difficulties. Soothing voices Even though the cubs had been abandoned by the mother bear and were in real danger, there was no predicting how they would react when they were being reeled into the boat by the fisherman. Extremely heavy Even though these were not fully-grown bears, who as adults can weigh as much as pounds, they still weighed a considerable amount.

Just one more pull The fishermen feared they may not succeed in rescuing the cubs and so they had to muster all of their strength to keep pulling. Getting on board The first bear cub was now on the boat! Bear cub number two This was still a dangerous situation for both fishermen and the second bear cub, but now the fishermen knew what to do in order to rescue him from the lake successfully. Brothers on board The fishermen used all their remaining energy to pull the second bear cub onto the deck of their ship.

Define A Transparent Dream - The Olivia Tremor Control - Music From The Unrealized Film Script, Dusk and shaking The cubs were now safe with the fishermen on board the boat, and so far the fishermen to properly examine them.

Fishermen resolution Realizing what a frightening situation the cubs were in, the fishermen wanted to do whatever they could to help them. Looking for the spot The fishermen started to look for the ideal Soulful Love - The Impressions - This Is My Country & The Young Mods Forgotten Story to reunite the mother bear with her cubs.

Edge of their seats As the fishermen approached the shore, there was no sign of the mother bear, there was much anticipation on the boat, both among the fishermen as well as the cubs. Final goodbye Having safely returned the cubs Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty dry land, the fishermen could reflect on the amazing events of that day. Happily breathing This story is touching and inspirational. Little Boy Saves A Puppy From A Flood We can see here that a young boy had braved some murky floodwaters to rescue a poor dog that was at risk of drowning.

A Fisherman And A Dog Out in the open icy waters, a fisherman spotted a lone dog that was alone of a floating piece of ice. Saved From The Building This Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty has been rescued from a collapsed building. Through High Waters This man is rescuing a dog from waist-high water by merely giving him a piggyback ride.

Huge Dogs Gets Saved Here the rescuers have been smart and brought a mini boat with them to help maneuver this very large dog from the water onto land. Through The Wire This cat looks as though it has been in a fire and therefore starved of oxygen which is why it is most likely wearing a mask.

Risk Of Being Frozen We can see from the surroundings that this cat was rescued from freezing conditions in Russia by a firefighter. Kittens In A Basket This man has managed to save a whole litter of kittens by placing them all in a basket and wading through some traitorous waters. Piggyback For The Win Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and ages and this is an example of a young hero. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work Here we see an excellent example of teamwork between two young children rescuing a dog.

Brush Fire Koala This Koala was in desperate need to be rescued from a bushfire, in fact, you can see how its fur is covered in ask. Freed After 50 Years In Captivity This incredible elephant had spent the last 50 years living in the most terrible of conditions.

Fire, Electrical Wires, And Saving Animals Here a shed had caught on fire, Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty when the firefighters arrived on the scene, a man was there going in and out of the shed pulling animals from the flame-engulfed shed.

This Man Goes Undercover To Save Dogs This is Marc Ching who puts his life and money on the line to help dogs who are kept in terrible conditions and then killed for meat.

Rooftop Rescue Firefighters risk their lives every day to help save those in danger. Man Creates Boat to Transport Sheep InLouisiana Lionheart - Demi Lovato - Confident Mississippi were hit by dramatic floods that caused I Am A Child - Neil Young - Decade to homes and risked the lives of many.

Breathe Little Buddy This poor goose appears to be struggling to breathe, with a firefighter supplying it with oxygen. Teamwork at its Finest It may have taken six firefighters to rescue this poor freezing pup, but it looks like they were all happy to help. Bogged Down This horse has managed to slip and be submerged into a bog, looking scared and desperate.

Mouth-to-Mouth Housefires are frightening things and can be life-threatening to humans and animals alike. Recovery Time After being rescued from a fire, both humans and animals need to recover from the shock and benefit from some sympathy and care. Teenager Saved Dog And Adopted Them Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty Vladamir Maksimov noticed a puppy Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty in flood waters, Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty immediately switched into hero mode and dove into the water to save the drowning dog.

By Any Means Necessary This image is of a man in Houston using an inflatable mattress to transport himself and his pets to safety amidst wading through the high waters from the flooding that has occurred there. The Wisdom Segment I The crusades tend to be thought of as a negative part of history thanks to a critical misunderstanding in the related terminology. When the first crusade started, it was referred to as "Iter," which means "journey" or "pilgrimage.

II The word crusade is derived from the Latin cruciata, which roughly translates to mark with a cross. In the earliest versions of the event, not all those who joined necessarily fought. Conversely, not all who partook in battle were assumed to take the cross. All told, the crusades were composed of nine separate campaigns. Its main objective was to wipe out Muslim rule, and the battles were infamous for their brutality. For example, in the Hussite crusade against the Bohemian Reformation that took place in the Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty 15th century, Czech philosopher, Jan Hus, was burned alive.

IV The crusades were sanctioned by the Pope mainly for religious reasons, though these wars were launched for other, more subversive factors too. Aside from ending heresy and paganism, they paved the way to conquering new territories, thus boosting the economy of the church and furthering its political influence.

V There were various motivators for people to join in on the crusades. Some volunteered to fight in exchange for a secure afterlife. They believed that through this one sacrifice, their sins would all be forgiven, and they would be granted a place in heaven.

Others looked forward to seizing lands from conquered territory to enjoy in this lifetime. The battles that took place were astonishingly violent. At one point, a furious crusader could no longer identify the heretics from the Christians and commanded his men to kill them all. Let God sort them out! I During the Great War, both sides of the conflict found it hard to cross battlefields that were defended by artillery.

So miners dug secret tunnels in which to set up explosives beneath enemy trenches. Simultaneously blasted, almost all German front liner soldiers were killed at the Messines Ridge Saints And Sinners - The Defiled - Daggers Belgium, entrenched above 19 tunnels.

II World War I was a challenging time for journalists who sacrificed their lives by getting close to the action to report about its progress. While their motivations may have been noble, they were punishable by death as the War Office was concerned that the information published could be used against them by the enemy.

III The Great War was one of the largest conflicts of all-time, with millions of men enlisted to fight abroad in the military. Meanwhile, a million women took over the jobs at home, some working in frightfully unhealthy conditions in TNT factories.

These women worked double-time among the toxic chemicals, a practice which left many inflicted by jaundice. He witnessed how badly shrapnels deformed soldiers faces and decided to find a way to develop techniques for facial reconstruction. Gillies Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty a special ward at the Cambridge Military Hospital in Aldershot, dedicating it to facial reconstruction.

V When WWI erupted, many young men took up the opportunity to fight in the "war to end all wars. He fought at the Battle of the Somme. VI To treat some of the soldiers who were injured in battle, blood transfusion had to be done directly from a blood donor to the recipient. Captain Oswald Robertson, a medical scientist, invented the first blood bank which enabled blood to be mobilized quickly in casualty clearing areas to save lives.

I World War II remains the deadliest conflict ever recorded in history, one in which all superpowers and the majority of the world's nations either sided with the Allies or the Axis.

There were Rockaway Beach - Ramones - Ramones Mania 50 to 85 million casualties throughout the war, Hey Lover (Instrumental) - Various - Everyday & Everynight/ Smooth/ Hey Lover/ Microphone Mas sad to say, many of them were civilians.

The German government, spearheaded by the Nazi party, arrested and murdered those they deemed unworthy to live. These orders were carried out against Jews approximately 6 millionPoles 2. These bleak camps were where prisoners of war were kept, along with clergymen, disabled individuals, homosexuals, Jews, and more.

Stanisawa Leszczyska, a Catholic midwife in the Auschwitz concentration camp, reportedly delivered 3, babies during the Holocaust. The military didn't find out he'd lied in his records until he was injured. It was in this battle that Germany, along with its allies, attacked the Soviet Union to control the city.

This fight boosted Russian deaths to a number that exceeded the combined casualties of the British and US forces. These devastating attacks took the Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty out from under the Japanese resistance, and they finally surrendered. Had they intended to fight on, the next bombing target would've been Tokyo.

A US spy aircraft captured photographic evidence, which was then analyzed in a secret office above a Ford car dealership, in a derelict area where people would least expect CIA presence. Over 13 days, the world came the closest it's ever been to full-scale nuclear war. Outwardly, he kept up with his routine work. However, by October 20,he had returned to Washington for a secret emergency meeting. To justify his public disappearance, JFK claimed to have a cold and fever.

But it was not an easy decision. When he publicly announced the blockade, he already had a speech prepared that justified a military strike. V The photographs taken by the U2 spy plane were re-analyzed in a new light thanks to vital information, manuals included, shared by Colonel Oleg Penkovsky, a mole in If You See A Dream - Libby Roderick - If You See A Dream Soviet military.

Without this data, it would've been monumentally challenging to make decisions based on the aerial pictures. Penkovsky was reportedly executed in VI Soviet troops were shipped to Cuba in the guise of agricultural advisers. They were made to wear checkered shirts, while some of them came in with arctic equipment to help with the cover-up. The CIA expected around 8, troops in the area, but there were more than 40, of them. I Korea is composed of two sovereign states, both claiming legitimate rule over the whole country.

II The Korean War began on June 25,when North Korean forces crossed the 38th parallel border to invade their southern counterparts, determined to impose I Guess Wed Better Go For Donuts - Lonely Trailer - Secret Information Booth. There were around 5 million people reported dead, missing, or wounded.

Today, over 7, US soldiers remain missing in action. Twenty-one member nations eventually provided troops and other forms of support to solidify the UN force.

To further strengthen their propaganda, the North Korean government highlighted a camp uprising incident where Gen. They had been spotted months before the invasion, gradually moving south, but the CIA wrote this maneuvering off as a defensive strategy. VI Prostitutes were provided by the South Korean government to keep their soldiers happy. An account on the matter says that a sole prostitute strived to meet a quota of having sex with 29 men in a single day.

To accomplish this, each soldier would receive no longer than half an hour. Due to the threat of growing communism, the United States gradually took a more prominent role in the conflict. II The Vietnam War lasted from to Although it was officially a conflict between North and South Vietnam, direct US involvement resulted in 8, American soldiers seeing action over almost twenty Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty.

A total of 58, US military personnel reportedly died in the war. III The general feeling among world leaders at the time of the Vietnam War was that communism might spread from one nation to the next, in a sort of domino effect, and so it had to be controlled as soon as possible.

They feared it would spread like a contagion to Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and their neighbors. IV The Americans relied on massive firepower and air superiority. Although they won almost all the major military encounters versus the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese, Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty still lost the war on a political and social level.

They were heavily criticized for their lack of understanding of Vietnam's culture and Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty. V When determining whether to take part in the Vietnam War on a grand scale, US leaders and political advisers felt they could quickly take over the conflict and control Vietnam. Part of their reasoning was that it was a small nation. Geographically, though, it's almost as big as Germany.

While this was meant to be classified information, the documents were shared with the New York Times by a Department of Defense employee named Daniel Ellsberg, who felt that there was no US victory in sight.

I Fought fromthe American Civil War was so bloody that each day saw an average of around six hundred people killed. Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty The intense fighting during the American Civil War resulted in the deaths of approximately 2 percent of the American population. However, the leading causes of death were more due to the daily life of soldiers, rather than the actual battles.

Camps were a breeding ground for illnesses such as malaria, chicken pox, measles, and mumps. III WIth the rifle as their deadliest weapon, the fights were raw and bloody, resulting in many amputees. Civil War doctors were referred to as sawbones, for performing so many amputations, some doing it within five minutes of the injury occurring. Throughout Ticking Hearts - The Aerial - Eleven Shaking Twenty war, there were a total of 60, amputations carried out.

IV A census in showed that 8 percent of white men ranging from the ages of 13 to 43 years old became casualties of the Civil War. But the oldest man to actively participate in the conflict was an year-old who hailed from Iowa.

The youngest soldier was a 9-year-old boy from Mississippi. This was a period in which unity came to prevail, and the freed slaves were gradually allowed civil rights through constitutional amendments. However, some Northerners who went to the south were frowned upon as opportunists and called carpetbaggers.


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